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Binaural Beat Builder

August 16, 2014 on 3:31 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Product Features

  • Binaural beats generated in real-time
  • Play any frequency of binaural beat
  • Play binaural beat sessions
  • Use example sessions, or create your own

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  1. This is one of those gee whiz I have had this app for 24 hours and I am in love with it Useage: Kindle Fire HDXWarning: This is one of those “gee whiz I have had this app for 24 hours and I am in love with it” reviews.I have just discovered binaural beats, so I don’t know what I am doing just yet but I will say this, simply playing around with the app has been very relaxing. This morning I tried one of the pre-programmed meditation sessions. While I can’t say that I actually got into a meditative state, I believe it was the closest that I have been. I have never been able to meditate, my chatter box rules supreme.But here is why I am babbling about this app. Before I started the session I measured my blood pressure, it was its usual value. I checked it again after listening for 15 minutes, 11 point drop. I continued to listen to the session and checked my blood pressure again, another 6 point drop. Each measurement is an average of 3 taken across a 3 minute span. I have been wanting something to reduce stress, I hope I have found it.Things I like about this app:1) You can set in your own carrier frequency and beat frequency. You are not locked into set frequencies. (I set the carrier for 66.666 and the beat for 3.1416…I noticed no improvement in my geometry skills but it was really weirdly relaxing.)The carrier frequency has a range of 50 to 1000 hz. The beat frequency is 2 to 100 hz. You can use a slider to set it to crude values or type values in to 3 decimal point accuracy (I can’t vouch for the actual accuracy of the resulting tone. Is 110.250 different from 110.345?).One of my goals is to experiment with chakra frequencies, so this allows you to believe that you are inputing 210.42 hz. Yes, I am a little flakey…but just a bit, and I try to segregate the flakey me from the rational me–not always to great success. But the blood pressure reduction was not a unicorn ride over a rainbow…that was real….OK n=1 but still, a nice drop for 30 minutes of listening to boingowowowowowowowow!2) There are 27 pre programmed sessions.3) You can create, name and save your own sessions (I haven’t tried this yet).4) The screen goes blank after a few minutes, you can listen to this for hours in the background with little battery draw.5) While it plays in the background, you can still use your Kindle-Fire for other apps…note the complaint on music below.Things I am disappointed with in this app.1) There is no universal shut off. Every now and again it is playing something, not sure if I started it or not but it will not shut off with the stop play button. I don’t know if you have to shuffle through all the preprogrammed sessions or what, but I have had to go into the Application Manager and do a forced stop to shut the damned thing off.2) If it is playing one routine or session, you must manually stop that session before setting up another. It will end up playing two different routines simultaneously.3) It states that there is an independent volume mode, so that you can listen to music at the same time. I have not been able to get that to work. Personally I don’t care, I was trying to see if it worked for this review.4) You can play music at the same time but the beat app seems to drive the music into very poor quality…not very relaxing. Again, I don’t care, it was for this review. I imagine games would suffer in music quality as well. I don’t own any games so I can’t try it.5) As with most apps, there is very little information provided.That said, its a free app what do I expect? I don’t find the negatives that bad. This outfit also has a paid app that looks very similar I am going to try it as well, perhaps it will address some of the negative issues.Note that you must use headphones for the binaural beats to function. If that is a problem, then check out applications that use isochronic tones. I do not know enough to provide intelligent discussion on the relative merits of either.If you are new to binaural beats (as I am–never heard of them until three days ago) you may find reading this wiki article useful for a beginner:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beatsCould the relaxation and the blood pressure drop be nothing more than a placebo. Sure, but I hope nobody convinces me of that. If it works, what the hell do I care if it is placebo or not–just so it works. In all fairness I haven’t had it long enough to say, and I know almost next to nothing about this phenomena…but I like what I have seen so far and it didn’t cost me a dime.EDIT: I bought the Pro version after writing this review. I could see no practical difference between the two versions. The Pro version appears to have the same features and the same faults as the this free version. Looking on the Clifton Software site,…

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