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Cross Country (Show Jumping Dreams ~ Book 42)

June 10, 2017 on 9:39 am | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

Emily is glad to be back home after her stint on the prestigious south Florida show circuit. She is ready to give her show horses a rest, start schooling the up and coming greener horses and take a break from showing.

But everything back home isn’t quite as Emily left it. Her father has a secret, something that he has kept from Emily while she’s been gone, a new girlfriend who has not only moved in but is also starting to take over the barn. Emily’s barn. An eventer who thinks that show jumping is for chickens and that she knows better than Emily about everything.

So, when she challenges Emily to a cross country show, things take a turn in the wrong direction. In a battle of show jumpers versus eventers, the two women will battle to not only prove who is the better rider but also for love because Emily has lost her father once before and she’ll do anything to make sure that she doesn’t lose him again. Blood is thicker than water but love tends to muck everything up and out on the cross-country course only the strong survive. Does Emily have what it takes to go toe to toe with some of the best eventers in the area or is she putting her pride before a fall?

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  1. Amazing!

    Comment by snowflakes_girl — June 10, 2017 #

  2. Again. Another great ride.

    Comment by Bobbi Pratt — June 10, 2017 #

  3. Comment by Anonymous — June 10, 2017 #

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