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Divorce Ends the Nightmare, So You Can Move On

July 5, 2013 on 3:44 pm | In Dream Types, Nightmares, Taking Action | No Comments

Even after a marriage has officially ended and the divorce is final, some people still have nightmares about it. I’m not talking about violent marriages, just ordinary failed marriages with all the pain and heartache that they bring. That’s normal.

Facing the prospect of divorce keeps some people in truly bad marriages for years. Others separate and simply drift, more or less out of the pain and in denial that they need to face the ugliness entailed in even “amicable” divorces. Some say a divorce is just a piece of paper. The truth is, they are holding on.

The fact is that you cannot really recover and get on with you life until all the paperwork is done. If you have children, the legal entanglement remains until they turn eighteen. And the emotional turmoil of holidays, weddings and funerals can last a lifetime, though it gets better.

But the healing cannot start till you take action and get the divorce. That means letting go of a lot of dreams, the dreams of a happy marriage and a happy ever after.

Once a person faces up to the inevitable, gives up on dreams that may have had not the slightest basis in reality, and is ready to move on, it is time to hire a family law attorney and start divorce proceedings.

For some, even with a spouse filing for divorce, it is hard to accept. They make the worst possible mistake and do not hire a lawyer of  their own. No matter what the reasoning, not having your own attorney is almost always a mistake. Lawyers work for whoever hires them, and a divorce, no matter how is basically an adversarial process.

Once you give up the dream, or end the nightmare, and move on, you can start to heal. A good family law attorney can make the process as painless as possible and prevent additional problems down the road. You need an attorney to protect your rights and those of your children. Because a divorce is not only about you. If you have children, it’s about their future, too.

Wherever you are, it is well worth seeking out an experienced family law specialist with a good track record in divorce settlements and child support. For example, there are some excellent family law attorneys in Houston, Texas, who can help you.

Then you can take the time to heal and dream a new dream of the future for yourself and your loved ones.


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