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DREAM – A condition or achievement that is longed for, an aspiration

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DREAM – A condition or achievement that is longed for, an aspiration.

Today in Heart to Heart we looked up the word Dream in the dictionary.  We talked about the importance of having dreams and taking action to make them come true.  The children gave examples of people who followed their dreams and made a difference in the world (i.e. Walt Disney, The Wright Brothers).

The children told me that IDEAL school was my Dream.  I agreed and told the children that my Dream has not been fully realized yet.  They closed their eyes as I described my vision of an IDEAL preschool, elementary and middle school campus.  I showed the children a floor plan of the IDEAL Middle School and highlighted some of the unique features.

They were excited to hear about the following features:

Student lounge area on the second floor (“cardinals nest”)
Student store
Lap tops
Labs and studios
Auditorium and stage
Outside sport court, etc.

We all walked over to the building and stood inside.  The children took turns describing their personal wishes for the IDEAL Middle School.  Each child was invited to write down or draw their ideas and bring them to the office.

The children declared that IDEAL School is our dream come true.  Our session concluded with Kali Ashurst presenting me with a rubber band attitude bracelet with the word DREAM on it.  Coincidence … I think not!!

The journey continues,


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