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March 1, 2016 on 10:34 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

What if legends aren’t really legends? What if fantasy isn’t just fiction?

What happens when pixels, imagination, and dice are replaced with steel, flesh, and arcane power?

What happens when a campaign hook isn’t just an opening dialogue for a game, but rather what awaits you in life?

Shad, Derek, Fred, and Jeff are just ordinary guys. They did their time in Iraq, hold regular jobs, and spend some of their free time playing RPGs on their game platforms and at the table.

Until the day they wake up in a different world, caught up in a half-understood web of events and personalities, hatreds and loyalties that goes back millennia. All wrapped up in a place where magic is real and far too many concepts of the role-playing game are not just real, but also a deadly serious business.

Dropped into a world with little in the way of personal resources and a surplus of powerful enemies and dangerous strangers, the four must find their way home while learning all too well the concept of ‘first-level abilities’. Very little is certain in their new environment save that death is very real and the opportunities to meet it are commonplace.

Four gamers with military backgrounds are thrust into a world where magic is real and the five toughest individuals on the planet want them dead: it is the worst campaign hook imaginable.

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  1. Good role-playing, alternate world story 0

    Comment by C_Booth — March 1, 2016 #

  2. This was a great book. I loved how the Vets went about … 0

    Comment by MrFalcon — March 1, 2016 #

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