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Dream Energy 2012 (Dream Inception Series: Discover the secrets to unleash your dream potential.)

October 8, 2012 on 8:32 am | In Dream Books, Dream Types | 3 Comments
Dream Energy 2012

Dream Energy 2012

Why should you learn about dream energy?

Whether you want to be more productive, creative, develop your dream premonition skills, or be a more experienced lucid dreamer – in order to gain any of these skills you need an easy to follow process that will get you results. An effortless process that won’t take too much time, and can be implemented while you dream. Just imagine tapping into your hidden dream energy as you sleep and allowing that energy to transcend into every area of your life.

This is not a book on dream theory or science. This is a no fluff guide that moves beyond looking at dreams as something complex or mysterious. Dream Energy allows you to interact with whatever you desire – instead of leaving everything up to chance.

Quite often many of us wish we could have just a little bit more luck, be more creative, more motivated. And all too often we work against this on a subconscious level by being too reactive when our inner energy is in a flux. Instead we should simply apply our dream energy to gain much needed altitude and better results.

This guide entails the Dream Inceptions method, which breaks down the dream energy process into simple steps. A series of techniques that will help you discover and connect with your true potential.

With “Dream Energy 2012″ you will:

• Learn the secrets to tap into your hidden powers as you sleep.
• Discover how to captivate your nightly dreams.
• Recall important aspects of your dreams.
• Be able to accurately interpret the meaning of your dreams.
• Learn how to best utilize your dreams and put them to action to get results.
• Truly connect with anyone you desire in life.
• Discover an abundance of wealth.
• Live out your ideal lifestyle each day.
• Create the most amazing art, song, book, etc.
• Visit someone in a dream.
• Answer any question you might have through a dream.
• Find your inner spiritual dream energy.
• Be able to sleep well and be fully energized the next day.
• Go beyond lucid dreaming.
• Learn how to interpret your dream premonitions.
• And much more.

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  1. Dream Inception 2012 Is An Amazing Book Like most people, I have always been curious about some of the dreams that I have had over the years and rather there was a meaning to them or not.Christian Cee does a remarkable job of presenting techniques and concepts on dream exploration as well as drawing the reader into a journey of his owndiscoveries on the subject.Once I opened the book and began reading, I was hooked and unable to put it down! I am looking forward to applying some of the techniques to my owndreams to see what type of results I experience.Fabulous read, I would recommend this book be read by anyone who has ever wondered about their own dreams.

    Comment by Debora Humphries — October 8, 2012 #

  2. Tap Into Your Dreams Our dreams are very powerful and Christian shares the ways we can tap into their energy. I have found that for myself and my clients that they can be doors into deep levels of understanding and transformation. In the book, the author helps the reader learn how to recall dreams that often evaporate upon awakening. He also shows ways to help us become more rejuvenated when we wake up, rather than dragging ourselves through each day with unproductive energy. Christian guides the reader into ways of cultivating joy and serenity by tapping into this energy and breaking through fears and worries to discover new awareness and peace.For those that have trouble with nightmares, the author has some good suggestions and ways to shift out of the negative energy. Christian shares a lot of his own adventures into dreaming and is an excellent guide through the process.

    Comment by D. Cohen "therapist and yogi" — October 8, 2012 #

  3. I must admit that 2012 is a subject matter that I have grown increasingly interested on; from following Coast to Coast radio to the many ramblings with friends. I mention this because there are so many different opinions on what exactly is supposed to happen on December 21, 2012. After reading this book I realized that no matter what happens towards the end of the year, the more important thing is what tools and techniques you have readily available in your arsenal to respond. This book is one essential tool to have.The book talks about dream energy and how to best create awareness within oneself to access the world of dreams and bring some of that energy back into real life. This is something I have been interested in, I always wondered if there was anything I could do with my dreams other than just to be a spectator in them. This book shows you how to go way beyond that.Great read, and Im giving it 4 stars because I have not really put any of the dream energy techniques into practice so I can’t really say what the outcome would be. Nevertheless I had fun reading this book.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 8, 2012 #

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