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Dream Images and Symbols: A Dictionary (Creative Breakthroughs Books)

December 7, 2012 on 8:33 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

This book breaks new ground. Building upon the very best that is currently available in the field of interpretation and imagery, it contains more than 2,500 dream images and symbols plus 10,000 interpretations. Includes creative imagery, personal visualization, self discovery,and personal, cultural and archetypal symbols. Regardless of your level of expertise or previous knowledge, this book provides individuals from all walks of life an exciting excursion into the world of symbolism.

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2 comments on “Dream Images and Symbols: A Dictionary (Creative Breakthroughs Books)

  1. VERY GOOD SYMBOL INTERPRETATION BOOK AND MORE….. I had no fewer than 4 books to refer to when I first began learning to read symbols in my dreams. This is the ONE that remains to be used even now, after years of reading/journaling my dreams. It is most helpful in that it includes “actions.” It is very informative with colors, numbers, chakra inf., and it includes information on dreaming basics. Including information on why we recieve dreams that include death, sex, nightmares, other significant events. There is a page devoted to children and their dreams and nightmares. Particular symbols are very personal and this book provided me with a foundation to learn how to “determine” personal symbols. I believe that anyone using this book will find that they too will learn to use it in that way. During my dream interpretation work another book became useful because, animals are a large part of my life both in awake and dream time. The book I found that is SO helpful in understanding why certain animals come to us is: ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews. These two books are always by my bed. I refer to both when interpreting my dreams and synchronicities, I give both of these books 5 stars easily.

  2. If "Wagging Green Inc." on said:

    The BEST dream book I have found! This is the best dream dictionary I have found. I have about 25 books on dreams and this is the book I refer back to again and again when looking for a meaning that I am having trouble finding on my own. This book is different because Kevin deals with the spiritual side of dreaming instead of the simple literal side. As an example, instead of the color Blue meaning something like “You will have a loss in love” or something silly like this, the color blue in his book has a more spiritual side, and may mean the soul, higher spiritual calling, and the 5th (throat) chakra in the human body. I’m calling this up from memory here, so don’t quote me exactly! Anyway, what I have found in my case is that his meanings more closely reflect my personal meanings when I am working with my dreams.At this point, I rarely use any of the dream books anymore, but when I am really stumped, this is the book I turn to. This book was recommended to me by my Jungian dream analyst, and I have found both her book recommendations and her knowledge invaluable in my quest to know myself fully.

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