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Dream Interpretation 101 – Understanding Precognitive Dreams

March 6, 2011 on 11:20 am | In Dream Types, Interpreting Dreams | 1 Comment

When we experience the dream state, the attention moves into the subconscious mind – a vast inner world where things that seem impossible become possible Unlike our experiences in waking life, these inner level experiences are not bound by physical space or time.

Consequently, people who have passed away can come and visit loved ones through dreams, dreamers can dream of past life experiences, while others can experience precognitive dreams.

Precognitive dreams are inner level experience in which the dreamer dreams of future probabilities. While it might seem impossible, the experience of seeing probabilities is an everyday occurrence.

Avid sports enthusiasts can sometimes tell from the release of a basketball shot the probability of the shot going through the basket. Others can tell the probably of a golf putt going into the hole after watching it’s direction for a couple of seconds. We can even see future probabilities of a student passing an exam based on how much or how little they studied.

Sometimes the outcomes differ from our expectations. Nevertheless, many times the outcomes match our expectations, verifying our ability to glimpse future probabilities. Have you ever had the experience of knowing what someone’s going to say before they say it, or even finishing someone else’s sentence before you speak it?

Telepathy is an intuitive capability much like precognitive dreams. Here are some key things to consider with precognitive dreams.

The qualities of a precognitive dream

How can you tell whether or not the dream you’ve had was precognitive? One of the qualities of a precognitive dream is the vivid or life-like quality. Dreamers report that the scenery of the dream is just like waking like. The mannerisms of the people are similar. The colors, sounds, and even smells are very life-like. After keeping a dream journal for awhile, dreamers can often tell if a dream is “a bit different” from the ordinary dreams they have.

Another quality of a precognitive dream reported is the dreamer experiences the dream much more as an observer. Instead of taking a lead role and high level of interaction in the dream, precognitive dreamers report standing off to the side, watching the dream scene as it occurs, much like watching a movie scene playing out. Oftentimes, this differs from our ordinary dream experiences.

Considerations for precognitive dreams

It’s important to remember that precognitive dreams reflect future probabilities. These probabilities are not set in stone. Some people who have precognitive dreams of horrific events sometimes feel guilty for having them and feel responsible for the undesired outcome.

The cause of any experience comes from the choices and decisions people make each and every moment in thought and action. In a free will universe, nothing is set in stone: things can change at a whim.

However, people can become responsible for acting upon their precognitive dreams to the degree they see fit. Harriet Tubmann, a person responsible for leading slaves through the Underground Railroad to their freedom, provides a great example of this. She claimed that her nighttime dreams showed her which routes to lead the slaves to their freedom.

It’s also important to note that even precognitive dreams can be interpreted as a message about your own consciousness. First and foremost, dreams provide an avenue for self-awareness that can be used for individual growth and development. Honoring all dreams as such strengthens the connection between the subconscious and conscious minds: a connection which can benefit all human endeavors.

Finally, for those of you who can’t remember having any precognitive dreams, you’ve probably had more experiences than you think. Have you ever experienced deja-vu, whether in a conversation or observing the actions of your surroundings being eerily familiar?

Deja-vu is the experience of a precognitive dream coming true; you’ve just forgotten the dream itself. This is an important point to admit: the power of the mind is infallible. When this is more readily accepted, precognitive dreaming and other facilities of the mind have more space to come to the forefront of our experiences.

Matt Valois has studied and taught at the School of Metaphysics for six years. In addition to giving numerous presentations on dream interpretation, he was also a contributing writer and editor of “The Moon’s Effect on Dreams.” He continues his work in dream interpretation through working closely with the School of Metaphysics’s Global Lucid Dreaming Experiments and publishing dream tips and articles at his website http://dreaminterpretation101.infoArticle Source

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  1. I dreamed this a few years before the 911 attacks. I wrote this dream down the morning after I dreamed it. I have it still, but I’m at work and can’t read it off. So this is going to go by memory only.
    This was a time in my life that I had been dreaming and they were coming true. But usually only about unimportant things. But just because it was happening at all, I was writting them down right away.
    This dream seemed to be very long. I know in reality that they are only seconds.
    It began with my family and I in a big city, treating ourselves to a day at the street market. We were moving in and out of people and buying things, foods, etc as my husband drove beside us. We would ride on the tailgate when we got tired of standing/walking. Now I assumed this big city was San Francisco. It looked a lot like a farmers market or street merchantile, and I am from California so this is where I thought I was during the dream. It was a beautiful and mild sunny day. Many people in town walking/shopping and carrying on. I assumed it to be between morning to mid day, as the large sky scrappers were not casting any shadows so the streets were warm and brigI was sitting in the back of the truck bed in the open resting my feet. When out of the corner of my right eye… I saw a shape in the sky that looked like the fuselage of an airplane…but it had no wings so I thought it to look like a bomb. I remember thinking to myself that the white trail on the end of the object had way too much to it for it to be a plane trail. I was holding my littlest son in my lap when I got the sudden horrific feeling that what I was seeing, was some kind of bomb, and that we were under attack. The object hit it’s target out of my line of site. It made quite the fire cloud and it billowed up and out. I quickly took my son and hopped out of the truck bed. I told my 2 older children to follow me, don’t ask any questions, and hurry up. Their father dilly dallied behind us. Then I saw another object just like it headed for the same place, and it also hit. I clutched my little son to my belly and ran to a brick side wall of a building where there were mid sized green bushes planted in the landscape, and my 2 other children followed close behind. We all tucked against the wall and tried to hide ourselves behind these bushes as best we could, not knowing what was next to come. I remember seeing people frantically running two and frow throughout the street and sidewalks. Running and screaming this way and that…ths dream was so vivid…I can remember the scent of pine from the bushes we were huddled in. Then a third object like the other two, went across the sky and hit somewhere I could not see, but the ground shook very hard. Then a gray haze came over the sky. All the sunny rays were being replaced by a grey dust that was very thick and dense. It covered us like a sheet. I can remember how uncomfortable it felt coating my skin. It was like thick ashes. Then another object went across the sky like the others, but it didn’t get to hit anything, as we saw something else take it out before it could. I remember writting, “So three hits succeeded but not four.”
    There was a lot more to this dream afterwards, however, most of it seemed like nonsense and irrelevent to this point. After I wrote this dream down, I did not rediscover it until a while after the 911 attacks. When I read it… I was shocked to find the similarities to 911 just as the wittnesses lived….and that I also drew pictures of the objects I called “bombs”. Also, seeing the planes on TV, I recognized them to be the fuselage shapes I drew… but with mine just had the tails for a plane on the ends and no wings. Now when I think about the conspiracy theories, the drawings look a lot like missels. I also thought my thinking I was in San Francisco in the dream, could very well have been New York.

    Comment by candace — June 14, 2011 #

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