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Dream Journal Pro

January 11, 2013 on 1:35 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Product Features

  • Record your dreams in detail
  • Analyze your dreams as you record them using Jungian Theory
  • Turn on the Night Mode while you sleep
  • Search for a particular dream
  • Backup and restore your data
  • Customizable font sizes
  • Supports ICS – long-click recent apps button to access menu (temporary workaround)

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  1. Great app if you like to track your dreams This is a nice app for tracking your dreams. Just about everyone has their phone charging on their nightstand so it is super covenient to wake up in the morning, open this app and type in your dream while it is fresh in your mind.There are plenty of catagories for dreams but it would be nice if it allowed us to add additional ones for the dreams that don’t fit into the ones available. The app really does a thorough job asking questions to help you better analyze your dream which is why this is a superior method of tracking your dreams compared to just jotting them down on a piece of paper. There is also a search feature that lets you bring up all of your dreams that match a certain key word or words. I think this will be really helpful as the weeks go by and I want to look for patterns in my dreams.Overall this is a solid app and while it may not be useful to everyone I think that for those of us that like to track our dreams it is definitely worth the download.

    Comment by Bacchus — January 11, 2013 #

  2. Easy app for recording dreams & your personal interpretations 1. This is a dream journal, it’s named Dream Journal Pro to make its function obvious. It’s essentially a blank database you use to record your own data.2. It is no more a dream interpretation app than your calculator is.3. IMO, interpretating symbology in dreams is highly personal, and the best method of interpreting dreams is to record them and figure out what those events, people, and symbols mean To You.4. See #1.Having an extraordinarily active dream life, I’ve started many, many pen-and-paper dream journals over the years, abandoning each after only a short while. Where they failed is where Dream Journal Pro shines. Using this app (in my case, on a Kindle Fire) enables one to record key points or in lavish detail the dreams they have, without even needing to turn on a bedside lamp. And it’s super easy to review those dreams later.Before I go to sleep each night I turn the brightness on the Kindle down as dark as it will go, open the app, click the “night” button to make ths screen darker still, and click to add a new dream, and turn the screen off. Then when I wake up during the night, I pull the Kindle off my night table, hit the “on” button, and type away in pretty much a stream-of-conscious retelling of the dream. Then the next morning I flesh it out and add my possible interpretions.There are several fields to make it easier to record and to read about later, such as where the dream takes place and what that means to you, what type of dream it was (nightmare, lucid, etc), how old you were in the dream, your possible interpretation, and a few other things. You can skip any of the fields you want to, so if you just want bare-bones information, you can do that. After saving, you have the option of also saving it in either text- or html-format to your SD card (which is internal but accessible on the Fire) or to email it.You can then see a listing of of the dreams you’ve recorded listed by date and the names you gave the dreams. Then you have the option of clicking on a dream to read it or to edit it, such as if you remember something later you want to add, or you’ve figured out why that polar bear was wearing a tutu while eating a slice of pizza.One change I’d like to see is the ability to create one’s own list of dream types. There are several on the included list I don’t use, and other categories I’d like to add. And while I’m at it, I’d also like a spot to mark if a dream is a recurring one or has recurring features, such as a few dreams taking place in the same environment.Overall it’s an extraordinarily easy app to use and I’m very pleased with it. I paid a whopping $1.99 for this version a couple of weeks ago and have used it most every night since. I would still be been happy had it cost more, so certainly today while it’s free you should try it.Oh, and in case you missed it, this app will not tell you that dreaming of apple pie means the same thing to everyone.

    Comment by MZ — January 11, 2013 #

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