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Dream Manual: For Therapists and Other Listeners

July 6, 2013 on 7:34 pm | In Dream Books, Dream Types, Dreamwork | 3 Comments
Dream Manual for Therapists and Other Listeners

Dream Manual for Therapists and Other Listeners

Dream Manual for Therapists and Other Listeners by Galen Martini, M.A., L.P., Licensed Psychologist, Jungian Analyst

” This is an excellent practical hands-on approach to dreams. Galen takes basic Jungian concepts and faithfully translates them into language understandable to everyone . . . a rich and wonderful contribution to the understanding of dreams and the practical application of Jungian psychology.” David Schoen, LCSW, MSSW is a Jungian analyst, international author and speaker, and Louisiana poet. His books include Divine Tempest: The Hurricane as a Psychic Phenomenon, and The War of the Gods in Addiction: CG Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Archetypal Evil.

“With this small but powerful book, Galen Martini has made an enormous contribution to the field of dreamwork. All the wisdom of the psychodynamic approach to dream interpretation has been distilled into these pages with warmth and empathy. The book itself is an aha experience.” Tricia Ells, M.M., M.A. Licensed Psychologist President Minnesota Jung Association

“This book is brimming with knowledge and experience that have been condensed into a simple and profound piece of work. There is a powerful richness in this multi-layered guide, a treasure house of information and experience for working practitioners in the field and for individuals seeking to do their own inner work.” Karen Jurgens, M.S., L.P. is a retired psychologist and Marriage and Family therapist with extensive experience leading workshops and groups in Dreamwork, and individuals, families and groups as they journey with serious illness.

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3 comments on “Dream Manual: For Therapists and Other Listeners

  1. Mark D. Winborn on said:

    Good Introduction to Dream Work In “Dream Manual for Therapists and Other Listeners” the author, Jungian Analyst – Galen Martini, has delivered a warm, useful introduction to working with dreams. Her intended audience is not the therapist with extensive knowledge of the work of Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud, both pioneers in the process of dreamwork, but rather the counselor, therapist, chaplain, spiritual director, or psychologist who has a curiosity about dreams but little previous exposure to the subject. Martini strikes just the right tone for her audience – finding clear, digestible language and examples to convey her message. Her choice of words is intentionally non-technical and she only introduces conceptual terms when absolutely necessary. Martini’s book honors the richness, depth and spirit of dream work without overwhelming the reader and she gently encourages her readers to begin experimenting with dreams in their various helping professions. In fact, the book is so clearly written that I would also recommend it to patients or clients who wanted an accessible introduction to working with their dreams. The ideas in the book are supported by useful worksheets in the appendix as well as suggestions for further reading. Strongly recommended.Mark Winborn, PhD, NCPsyA Jungian Psychoanalyst

  2. Laura E Greenway on said:

    Interesting Concepts about Dreams I am a counseling student and I have a great curiousity on how and why people think or in this case dream as they do. This is an interesting book that discusses the meaning of dreams and how they affect people. I recommend this book to anyone who is a counselor or someone that likes listening to people, or just curious about the meaning of dreams.

  3. Pam Leonard on said:

    Respect your dreams! What a find! Martini’s Dream Manual, while clearly a valuable tool for therapists, is brilliantly written and every bit as accessible to the average reader. I devoured Dream Manual in one sitting and only wish I’d discovered it sooner. Dream Manual is a practical guide to befriending your inner source of wisdom — a source “interested in wholeness rather than perfection”, as Martini notes. We all recognize the importance of paying attention to the world around us, so why would we ignore the valuable insight offered us freely every night by our subconscious? Dream Manual facilitates an exploration into the meaning and wisdom within our dreams. You’ll never regard your dreams in quite the same way again — neither ignoring them nor being overly disturbed by them. Martini encourages us to view them as wide open windows looking in on knowledge we apparently need, but may be unaware of consciously. I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone — therapists, pastors, counselors, writers, or simply anyone interested in tapping into the wholeness of their hard-earned knowledge.

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