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Dream Prophecy: Receiving Guidance & Empowerment While You Sleep!

February 5, 2011 on 2:50 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Since time immemorial, dreams have baffled, amazed, guided and even terrified those they visit. Countless prophets and sages have used dreams as an interface to receive cosmic and Divine guidance- and you can too!

There are seriously hundreds if not thousands of theories about what dreams are, where they come from and why they happen. Some speculate they are simply leftover chemicals firing and creating memory or fantasy based hallucinations during sleep. Others believe the soul itself journeys during the rest of the body (since the soul needs no sleep) to ethereal realms where what is dreams is really happening.

No matter how you view dream time, there is no avoiding how powerful they are.

How many times has the emotions, experiences and adventures of an intense dream been on your mind all day?
How many times have your dreams uncannily reflected what was happening in your waking life at that time?

Dreams always seem sort of ‘hit or miss’, in that some of them seem more real and relevant to waking life while others seem just completely wild and fantastic.

What if there was a way you could control and define what you dreamed about, ensure you remembered the information when you woke up and even got powerful guidance, warnings, empowerment and spiritual blessings while you slept?

You can!
And I’d like to show you how.

The Philosophy Of Dreams

In order to teach the technique I am about to- I need to give you a little information about where I feel dreams come from. I will keep this short and in layman’s terms- but if you’d like to know more about this powerful subject- please email me! Dreams, in my experience and belief, are not unlike the waking world. We, as participants, experience sights, scents, feelings, emotions, events, people, etc. and react to them or flow with them. Dreaming is different because the physical sense are not engaged. When the body shuts down for sleep, the soul is able to see clearly on the spiritual realm as the body is not active and sending sensory information. Think of this in terms of anesthesia- is all senses are completely turned off- what’s left? Soul. Dreaming allows the soul to explore it’s own reality and paradigm outside the confines of the physical realm. Everything the soul sees is still completely relevant to its own journey- just without so much skin in the way :)

The Power Of Dreams

Because the soul is the main receptor instead of the limited physical senses in the dream- anything is possible. The real power in dreams is the ability for the soul to get a bird’s eye view of the life journey and return like a messenger to the body. Dreams are meant to give those who pay attention information they could not otherwise see or perceive in waking consciousness. Answers, guidance, healing, spiritual attunemenet, warnings and pre-cognitive visions are all the language of dreams. When you tap the power of what’s happening in your dream time, you’ll have access to cosmic wisdom from the view of the soul!

The Language Of Dreams

Many of us tend to be overwhelmed, scared or confused by our dreams because of the language. Often imagery is fantastic and nonsensical. Familiar events happen in the wrong place, houses are parked on the wrong yard, people irrelevant to our lives appear with frequency.
What does it all mean?
The secret to knowing what’s being said in your dreams is one every psychic visionary has had to undergo to accomplish their work- learning the unique symbolism of your soul. You will dream in symbolism, language, images, feelings, etc. that are completely unique to who you are as a soul on a unique journey. What a snake in my dream means to me (secrets being revealed about others motives) may mean something entirely different to you (transformation, death, decay).

The easier and simultaneously simplest trick to harnessing the power of dreams is this: Trust yourself!
YOU alone must interpret your dreams based on how they make YOU feel. The things you experience and see must be analyzed in a waking state and how those experiences effect you relates to what they are telling you!

If someone you have had zero concern for or contact with pops into your dreams for a few weeks- it may have nothing to do with them as a person, you need to define how that person allowed you to feel or experience something (love, trust, anger, pure hatred, etc.) that has burned them into a symbol for that energy in your consciousness. Dreams are a spiritual force that should be accepted by everyone who wants to hear directly from the core of their being.

Interpretation should only be handled by the one person who knows the true meanings of the symbols presented- YOU.

Dreams should be respected as a sacred journey, a blessed event and a cosmic guiding light.

The Direction Of Dreams

So, all of that being said- you are welcome to allow your dreams to free-flow and simply work with whatever seems to come through on the nights you dream. On the other hand- you have the option of directing what types of information and experiences you work out in dreams in a very simple way.

The secret to controlling what you dream is this:
What you dedicate you dream!

This means, the thoughts that run the strongest in your subconscious mind are likely to be the ones the soul tries to heal, guide and empower while you sleep. If a problem or issue is big enough to bounce around in your subconscious all day- it’s pretty likely the soul will take that as a sign that something needs to be dealt with. Getting thoughts, fears, confusions, hurt, etc. that strongly bounces around in your conscious mind to set in your subconscious is not an easy feat- but there is a back door that has proven to be extremely effective for me personally and those I serve.

The Five-Fold Rooting

To root something in your subconscious- it needs to have an effect on every level of your being. Most of the time we get issues stuck on the mental/logical (thinking about them a lot) or emotional (feeling about them a lot) plane, and never let them hit other levels of our being. If this happens- the subconscious will of course be aware of them, but won’t take them seriously because we are keeping them confined to one or two levels of being. In order to get dreams to go where you want them to- you need to ground the issue out in every level of your being.This exercise should be performed once during the day and once before sleep.

Body: The body itself needs to be included in the issue. If you are seeking guidance on a break-up or lost love, try thinking of the person as you firmly pat down your body. Imagine waking up the memory, emotions, thoughts, etc. that rest in your body to respond to what you’re thinking about.

Emotions: Sit for a moment and concentrate on the issue at hand (new job? loneliness? healing crisis?) and really allow the emotions associated with that to well up. Really get emotionally fired up about it until you feel the emotions plateau and begin to subside. If you need to cry, laugh, or emote in any other way- do it! Expressive emotions are a key to tapping the subconscious!

Mind: Replay or visulaize the issue in your mind as real as possible. See the events that led up to where you are now. Replay how your path has led you here. See yourself as you are now experiencing them. Use your inner-eye to visualize and ‘see’ it all happening from within.

Energy: Once the mind has been engaged, take account of how those thoughts made you feel. Try to perceive the energy coursing through your being becoming thicker, slower, faster, lighter, darker, etc. If you can’t perceive it- fake it. Imagine how the subtle life force within your field might be affected by this issue and try to coax yourself into perceiving it- even with creative visualization.

Soul: Acknowledge the silent witness of the soul seeing all of this. Try to imagine seeing it from the view of eternalness. How do you think the eternal, individual soul perceives this situation? How do you think this situation might be actually helping you in ways you can’t see yet? This is your time to connect to the positive and optimistic side of a negative issue, or the more spiritual side of a positive issue.

Again, this exercise should be performed at least once during the day (2 or 3 times is even better!) and once before you get into bed. If you don’t get results on the first night, try the next day.
It may take some time and some acclimation for you to get in control- but once you do it one time, its yours forever!

You also may be one of those people who dream in very layers symbolism. This means that although the dream may seem to have zero resonance with the issue you put out there- it may be speaking directly to it. Honor ALL dreams you have while you are working with this process and give anything you dream, the chance to give you clarity!

Using The Tools You Receive

The morning that you wake up having dreamed about the issue, follow these steps to ensure the healing, empowerment, guidance and blessings you received on the ethereal plane get rooted out in your waking life:

Express gratitude to the divine, and be humbly proud of yourself for learning this spiritual technique that can be used to bring light and power to your journey! Journal! Write as simply or as descriptively what you encountered in dream time. Make sure and note what exactly you were looking for and how it relates to what you dreamed about. Put the dream and the journal out of the way until tomorrow. Give yourself one day to ‘come down and unwind’. The following day, when you are relaxed and open- re-read your journal and begin interpreting it. This is your time to be your own best psychic, tap the unique symbolism that your soul speaks and really connect with the power and beneficence of the Cosmic!

Deeper Mysteries & Techniques

In addition to this basic practice, there are other extremely powerful ways to bring awareness and power to dream time.
These techniques are beyond the scope of this article and will be presented, free of charge, in this week’s SpiritFlow Extra newsletter.
Make sure to sign up at the bottom of this article so you receive the next level of cosmic wisdom related to dream work and healing sleep journeys! Newsletter members receive a digest of the weeks articles plus advanced teachings and guidance on each subject. They also receive contests, freebies, psychic guidance, updates and access to newsletter archives!
Don’t miss out!

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May your dreams be blessed with healing, guidance, empowerment and the discovery of your great truth!

Peace & Blessings,
Josh Williams


Josh Williams is a professional Psychic Adviser, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healing Channel. For over 10 years he has been serving clients from all across the globe, acting as psychic client advocate, teaching meditation, ritual, manifesting and spirituality techniques and just loving life!
Josh has recently started offering a wisdom blog which is updated 5 times a week presenting practical but powerful spiritual wisdom for the modern day.
You can view Josh’s blog by clicking HERE
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