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Dream World Vacations

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Dream World Vacations

The best time for a holiday in Bologna is the summer (around July to August) and you can enjoy their great nightlife especially in Parco Cavaioni where there are open air disco nights.

Aside from the great construction and sceneries, Bologna is also a great place where you could try delicious food. You should try the tortellini. Bolognese pasta originated here so get ready to eat the best pasta dish you have ever had. Also try the special salamis or the special hams that are common sight in Bologna.

Whatever your reason to visit Bologna, you will definitely enjoy your stay in this city.

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It’s not just a tomato throwing activity although it is its highlight but it’s also a fun activity with parades and dancing with great music and fireworks too! Before the tomato fight, there is a contest for paella cooking.

Bunol has a population of around 9,000 but during the La Tomatina Festival, the number of people in this town balloons to over 30,000 people. Of course with the sudden increase of people coming here, the hotels and inns could not accommodate the visitors which are why many would come and stay at Valencia which is just a bus ride away from Bunol.

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Your next holiday stop should be Sighisoara – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of its famous residents was Vlad Dracu. The citadel built in the 12th century includes the house where it is believed that Vlad Dracu was born, a Weapon Museum and a torture chamber. For a bit of a Gothic peace head up to the Church on the Hill by climbing the Covered Staircase (there are around 300 stairs to climb).

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29 October 2009
Space travelling
Tourism extended to space but this destination is still expensive and the “operator” is only the Russian Space Agency for the time being. For US 20-30 million the tourists will embark on a Soyuz spacecraft and can admire the Blue Planet from a distance.

Dream World Vacations article.

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