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November 17, 2013 on 8:33 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

The Earl of Downe has come home to rusticate from his wild ways–spurred by his need to prove his father was right…that he is nothing but a worthless rake. But at a neighboring estate, Letty Hornsby believes dear Richard is her hero, her dream man, her heart’s desire! She’s been in love with him since childhood, since she was eleven and accidentally knocked him into a river, the first of several such disastrous encounters. Now that the earl’s friends have convinced him to leave Town and recuperate from overindulgence (women, alcohol and gambling), Letty is taking advantage of the opportunity and spinning her own plan to save Richard from himself.

Richard expects his life to be boring and restful once he’s home, but after a chance encounter with the meddlesome Letty and her obnoxious dog, Gus, he discovers there is no rest for the wicked. He soon finds himself captive aboard a smugglers’ ship with an adoring young woman who is a walking catastrophe…and her enormous clod of a dog. Never missing a beat, she gets them into one hilarious predicament after another before Richard realizes that she might be the one woman who can save his black soul with a faith in him that is bright enough to burn the shadows from the darkest heart. If he can survive….

Publishers Weekly starred review. “A ray of summer sunshine!” Jill Barnett has concocted another charming tale filled with witty dialog, plenty of humor and a sprinkling of magic.

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  1. Sweet and utterly charming This is actually on my keeper shelf. I’ve read it countless times and if you’re in the mood for a light, kind of fluffy, careless read that is funny and sweet, this is it.

    Comment by Victoria Summers — November 17, 2013 #

  2. very sweet and charming…. At first, i really hated Letitia. I thought she had no pride. She only thought of her feelings for Richard, and gave no thought to how others might perceived her feelings. But slowly, I started to admire and respect her courage. She is brave enough to say how she feels, with no strings attached. Slowly, like Richard, I came to care for her and to feel the pain that she was ffeling. Jill Barnett has really done wonders with this character that you just feel like you are in her shoes. Towards the end, you begin rooting for her happiness, and Jill Barnett has delivered it with style and full of charm. A definate MUST!!!!!

    Comment by Dalmatian mom — November 17, 2013 #

  3. A wonderful book As much as I loved the book Bewitching, I can’t believe I never realized there was a sequel to it. I bought Dreaming based on how much I loved Bewtiching and I was not disappointed. Our heroine is a klutz, always causing some kind of havoc, our hero too straight-laced for his own good. The dog, Gus, was worth the price of the book. There is a scene in the middle of the English Channel where Gus falls overboard and I could not stop laughing. There were actually several scenes that were laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe because it has been so long since I read Bewitching, I didn’t compare Dreaming to it and find Dreaming lacking in any way. Jill Barnett writes the best stories.

    Comment by Anonymous — November 17, 2013 #

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