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Dreaming into another LIfe – Dream Magick w/a K

January 9, 2011 on 8:13 am | In Dream Types | 1 Comment

Dreams are my specialty. That and astral projecting in new ways! Growing up I once heard of a man that believed his dream world was his reality and his reality was treated as his dreaming life. While probably an old wives tale, it wouldn’t be the first eccentric thing an artist of the rock star type would be engaged in. I thought; ‘man that’s cool as hell’.

One of the main points of dreams is to control the brain in its undesired element for which it cannot
Truly come to terms with, = infinite realities. This article will discuss certain technique’s and tips on lucid dreaming and the astral plane. Mostly, how to properly maintain dream journals or records and the benefits that can come along with keeping an adequate dream diary.

Endeavor to remember.

1. The following items are essential for anyone to attain any results whatever. It is absolutely necessary, for this to truly work, that you actually use pen and paper and not anything else. I say this because a computer or electronic device is in no way a reliable substitute for paper and pen. (The reasons for this are too wide and varied to mention here) Keep an empty notebook or diary book or journal book, whatever by your bedside or place of sleep. Remember the more you put into something the more you get out of it. I keep two books and pens, beside wherever I sleep.

A. For those who say they do not dream or cannot remember them, rest assured you do dream. Just write in these notebooks before you go to sleep your exact feelings and whatever else that comes to mind. Immediately after waking pay close attention to your mental state, as well as how you feel. Any emotions whatsoever, seemingly insignificant are still connected to who you are . Whether dominating or secondary makes no difference. The more the better and perhaps organizing them may put you on your way to clarifying your dreaming memory.

Then, write unconsciously, write sporadically (as often are dreams are sporadic and senseless so too may be the writing of the journal in the beginning only, this helps to awaken that part of the brain.) Write anyway you can or want, just WRITE. Eventually, if you practice enough, diligence will pay you with a graceful awareness. Again quite unconsciously, so will you remember your dreams.

2. Write in your journal every morning as much as you can or feel compelled to. The more you write the more you will remember. Even if you do not remember anything of a dream, start writing an overall feeling you have at the moment or just start writing what your thinking or what you are thinking about no matter how simple “I’m hungry what do I want to eat for breakfast” is completely acceptable. Just write at least a paragraph or two.

You can also write, “I have no recollection of any dream. I did not dream, but I woke up a little angry.
I am impatient to recollect my self to remember my unconscious state”.

A. Separate yourself from how you feel and think about what you were feeling and write it down in length. Remember, the more the better. For some this will be easier than for others. Everyone has talent. This can be done by anyone, although some may have to work harder than others do. I was one who had to work at it. I now have 4 and1/2 full notebooks. After a while it becomes easy and they build very quickly.

B.The benefits along side of this work are seemingly unrelated and indirect on the surface. In fact, one could not approach these acts with any subjectivity at all. Yet when asked what they thought the cause of success has been attributed to many famous and capable people have said, almost at once, my dream diary. ((An example or two= in articles/interviews w/ Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLaughlin. ))

3. After you have done this with some result, commit to details. In this is the true jewel of fundamental rewards. As said before the more you write, the more you remember. Then, persistence is the key here. Try to remain on a scheduled set of sleep hours at least 5 out of 7 days of the week. The body once regulated becomes much easier to track. It allows for more control over that which you really have little. You have no choice in the matter. You must sleep in order to survive and maintain a healthy mind.

4. After you have maintained a good diary of at least one or two months (closer to two or more) and have done well at keeping up everyday, start making note of any recurring feelings, visions, or anything that is a constant. Analyze the nature of it by asking yourself all the right questions such as: what, where, when in reality, why might It be recurring, and what is it in relation to you and your life? You can ask yourself any questions that may arise in this. This is a process of self-discovery. The more you investigate the more you will find out about what your mind/body is trying to say or tell you.

5. Closing in on a goal.
Please remember that this is an ever-present condition and thus a never-ending process. This is a good thing as you can continually get unlimited results from what you put into it.

After this has become second nature, a truly good habit, expand on it. You should begin getting results within the first 2 weeks. However, the desired result will not occur until you have this down to a science and are doing this with little or no effort for at least a year. You will know when you are getting on your way to living more than you were when you start getting deja-vou more and more in waking life. In addition, you will start to dream more and more each night. As a result of this, the dreams will be more and more lucid as well as intense. There will be defining moments and breaks or stages in these dreams. In short, they will begin to separate and you will find yourself dreaming a minimum of 3 to 5 dreams a night.

6. Endeavor to separate and number these dreams.
This, I cannot stress enough. It will allow you to interpret and understand your dreaming mind.
Find out when the scenery changes dramatically and quickly (all of a sudden). Notice if the people in the dreams change completely. Thus you are done with one dream and starting in on another. If you are truly writing in your book daily then this will be easy, almost natural. Begin numbering your separated dreams. Only when you are certain of it and you will be, after all it is you and your life. Just do not jump the gun otherwise you will just confuse and jumble the brain and it will do whatever it can to offer up excuses to quit. It will too, in order to protect the self from overwhelming the emotional self from learning the quantum truth of it, existing in more than one place at the same time.

7. Alright, now time for some fun. When you become ‘awake’ inside your dreams you can control things in your dream. Control of your dreams can be addicting and damaging if done for too long. So please wait until you have at least 6 months of work accomplished, and do try not to dodder too long at it. Nevertheless, here is how I have been taught and it works for me.

A. Subtlety is the KEY. Slowly, ever so slowly and subtle as you can start to try and become aware of the fact that you are in a dream. The quicker you do this the less likely you are to do it. You will wake your self up physically. Try to wake up only in the dream and not anyway else. The goal is to stay inside the dream.

B. Do this by becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings with as little change as possible. Do not try to change anything or disturb the nature of what is going on around you. If you do, you will wake up. Subtlety is key here in the most delicate sense of the word. Take note of your surroundings, are you outside or in? What kind of room are you in? Are you alone? Try to do nothing other than observe, at first. Think of it as if you are spying and you do not want to be discovered, discovery means waking up.

C. After you have successfully accomplished waking up without actually awaking your body observe all you can. Familiarity is essential to staying asleep. That first step is a doosy and will jar your consciousness into waking life. This principal can be applied to all of your dream work.

1. It is very difficult to describe but I will try.

A. It is much like that time just before you go under for the night. That little place you find yourself not yet asleep yet no where near awake. Then you jar yourself out of it and wake like whoa. That is it, only in reverse. A good practice is to try to prolong that state without disturbing it. It is very delicate. Then wake yourself so that you are familiar with it otherwise that experience will be lost in sleep. And then you will lose any understanding gained by forgetting what it is you have hitherto experienced.

B. Once that process has become familiar to you and you have become aware of yourself dreaming without interrupting the process, take that step. Check your surroundings and decide to act. Remember, baby steps at first. Single out an object, keep it simple and go to it.

C.Say your dreaming you are walking down the street in your dream. Make a choice in your direction. Turn right and then immediately turn left again. See how it works and how you feel about it. Mark the distinction. Then of course, make note of it in your dream diary. If you are in your house go to the room of your choice or direct yourself to an object and go pick it up. Go slow so you can learn how to truly control every aspect of the dream even the environment.

8. After you have learned how to walk, talk, and move about, then work on picking objects up and using them. Then learn how to change the environment. If you are being chased by zombies and you are not having any fun with it, stop running as a means of changing the situation and attempt to change something else without touching it. Like where you are at. Think strongly of another place and will yourself there. Chances are this will take a lot of practice. At first, if you even succeed you might bring the monster along with you until you can master the control.

9. Once you do the sky is the limit. You can jump buildings, fly, super strength almost anything until you hit an ethereal wall. That’s where you are running as fast as you can and are stuck in slow motion. Or hitting something as hard as you can and come out beating it with a feather like amount of pressure. That’s what is known as the ethereal plane. Many new things are being found out about this plane by scientists all over the world. It is an entire subject all its own. I cannot expand on it any further here.

10. Once you have mastered the control over your dreams just try and concentrate on keeping up with the record of it. Write down every little thing you have dreamed. The dreams will become more fluent and the separation more clear. once you have past a full year of numbering your dreams you can go back and read your journal. If everything has been done correctly here is what you may find.

Quantum paralleled physics:
Dream one on page one will continue on the next page as number 4. Dream two will be dream 1 or 5 on the next page. It will follow no true order but will continue its story. You may find after enough work that you are living 5 continuum lives all at once! Its AMAZING! These dreams will directly affect your life here.

11. The finale’ is the fact that while your asleep over here it seems to be true that you are living another life over there, while sleeping over here. The more work you do over there the better your life here will be. The more aware you are of your other worldly lives the more control you will gain in this life. Deja-vou will increase ten fold and new things will become much easier than before.

Properly ascertain where you are in life in relation to where you want to be. Your dreams can really help, Although in an unconscious level, dreams are a part of you and who you are, along with the reality of what will become of you. Dreams are your connection or window to your soul. None of this is new information. In fact it is as old as time itself and has been proven time and time again.

In the end, this can help oneself in finding new talents or the talent for which you were meant in life. It will undoubtedly increase the quality of your life in limitless ways.

Well, good luck and follow your dreams!

“Life, like a dome of many coloured glass stains the white radiance of eternity.” – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

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  1. what if you are already capable of remembering your dreams? is a dream diary still nessicery for the process?

    Comment by Lumina — January 14, 2011 #

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