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Dreams and Hypotheticals

February 1, 2013 on 3:32 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Dreams and Hypotheticals

Dreams and Hypotheticals

This is a hypothetical question, not an offer, would you sleep with me? College freshman Emma Holly has had precognitive dreams for years, dreams that have left her wondering how much control she really has over her destiny. When she meets Robert for the first time and is goaded into asking him her infamous “hypothetical question”, she sets in motion a chain of events that send her world spiraling out of control.

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  1. Throughly enjoyable mix of reality and… something else! Terrific book. The characters are so real, that you feel like you are right with them in every scene. As I read further, I could recall many similar “characters” in my own college years. This made me very connected with the characters, and I was drawn into their perspectives, surroundings and feelings like it was a movie. In fact, it would make a great film.”Dreams and Hypotheticals” is well balanced between reality and interesting ‘supernatural’ stirrings. I found myself drawing my own conclusions as to how the characters would ‘end up”, but then I’d turn the page, and find another unexpected plot development. Plan to never put it down. How about a sequel, please?

    Comment by Diana vonRoeschlaub — February 1, 2013 #

  2. Ever feel like you’re actually living a book? Have you ever read a book that’s so familiar, so visceral in its descriptions that you almost feel as if you’re one of the book’s characters? Though Wilkinson’s novel did not inspire that feeling with every single turn of the page, there were so many multi-page, dialogue-driven, charged and fresh and vivid exchanges between the characters that I’m not sure of how many pages did *not* inspire that feeling. There were, literally, over a dozen times while reading this book where I’d shake my head after having just devoured four, five, even ten pages of dialogue in what seems like milliseconds. All of the language so casual and well-paced and real that it’s as if it was composed for musical performance. Yet, at the same time, entirely non-contrived or self-aware. As if it was happening organically between the character, entirely for the first time in the very moment of being read. And all for the reader’s voyeuristic enjoyment! Quite a feat, I’d say, for any writer, but most especially for a first-time novelist who manages with ‘Dreams and Hypotheticals’ to inspire even an old cynic to second guess the supernatural–at least for the time he found his nose in this wonderfully-written book. :-)

    Comment by K. R. Caudle — February 1, 2013 #

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