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Dreams: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, lucid Dreams, New Age Dreams: A Beginner’s Guide Book on How To Become Conscious in Your Dreams. Out of Body … and Better Sleep Book Series by Sam Siv 2)

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From a #1 Best-Selling Kindle eBook author – Sam Siv
Discover the incredible power of lucid dreaming…control and experience your dreams consciously. 
What is a lucid dream? Lucid dreaming is the process of dreaming with complete consciousness of the dream.
Sleep is an involuntary feature of being human. Even though our body and conscious mind takes a rest/break, our subconscious mind, the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, never takes a break. It continues weaving possible universes and scenarios relevant to you. This is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the history of sleep, dreams and lucid dreaming dates back into the BC era and the ages of Egyptians and Greeks.
Do you want to be able to use your lucid dreams and script the dreams you want?
Would you like to sleep better?
Are you interested in a dictionary on what some common dreams mean?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this book is for you.  In Dreams: Lucid Dreaming, you will learn the answers to all of those questions and much more.
In Sam Siv’s book on Lucid Dreams, you will learn:
· A brief history of dreams
· How to understand the dream state – how and why we dream
· How new age lucid dreams work
· An understanding of lucid dreams with a lucid dream encyclopedia
· A deeper understanding of lucid dreams
In addition, you will learn how to experience a lucid dream through:
1. Dream Recall
2. Reality Testing
3. Using the MILD Technique
4. Napping
In Dreams: Lucid Dreaming, you will also learn how to link the mind and your health and how lucid dreams can affect the immune system.
Learn five real world benefits of lucid dreaming:
1. Get some insight you can use in the real world
2. Complete freedom in the lucid dream state
3. Better sleep
4. Memory improvement
5. Learn skills faster
With the aid of this book, you can learn how to use lucid dreaming correctly and script the dreams that you want.  By scripting the dreams you want, you can influence better, more pleasant dreams, prepare for dreaming during the day and prepare for and visualize the dream you want before bed.  You will also learn simple baby steps to help you gain control. In this book, you will learn the possible dangers of lucidity and lucid dreams such as addiction, alienation and dissociation.  There is also a brief look at astral projection in this book.
Best of all, there is a dictionary that gives you the meaning to these common dreams:
· Falling
· Teeth falling out
· Arriving at school or work naked
· Test-Tasking
· Dying
· Meeting a celebrity
· Someone chasing Falling
· Teeth falling out
· Arriving at school or work naked
· Test-Tasking
· Dying
· Meeting a celebrity
· Someone chasing you
· A cheating partner
· Showing up late to an event 
· Flying
· Being Pregnant
· Steering an out of Control Vehicle
Whether you are curious about what dreams mean or whether you want to learn how to control and influence your lucid dreams, this book is for you.

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