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Dreams Mean Something

March 26, 2011 on 2:45 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

When we close our eyes, we dream in our sleep. Dreams have puzzled us always. Our dreams either make us happy or pensive. They even frighten us at times.

Dreams have been a concern to us always. Since very ancient times, several people have attempted to decipher the significance of dreams and the causes of dreams. Let us look into a few interpretations.

History Of Interpretation Of Dreams:

Since very early times, people thought that dreams held some significance. In order to find out what dreams want to communicate, people consulted priests and other learned men. Joseph was a skilled dream interpretation, as suggested by the Bible. This is why; the pharaoh of Egypt gave him a higher office in his court.

In the epic poem Iliad, Achilles desired to visit a man who will convey the message of his dreams to him. He believed that these dreams were sent as messages by Zeus. In medieval ages, dream interpretation was not encouraged by the church. The church regarded them to be a pagan practice.

Dream interpretation was again practiced in the Victorian age. The Father of psychology, Sigmund Freud laid down his theory on dreams. His famous book “The Interpretation of Dreams” are read and re read even today. C G Jung gave his theory on dreams. His study was greatly influenced by Freud. According to him there are 2 types of dreams. They are:

PERSONAL DREAMS: these dreams include objects, people and routines from the dreamer’s regular life.

COLLECTIVE DREAMS: these dreams come from the collective unconscious. They hold massive significance. They hold significance not only for the dreamer but for the entire community which the dreamer belongs to.

What Do Our Dreams Hint At?

Dreams are no longer looked upon as bizarre occurrences. Studies have found out what do our dreams mean. The meanings of some of our dreams are to be taken at face value. We may dream that we are looking for a bathroom. You may, at this point, really look for a bathroom.

On the other hand, in order to interpret dreams, we need to probe deeper into their significances. If you dream that you are naked or you are undertaking a test (or both the situations combined), it suggests anxiety. Some of your fears may come to you in your dreams. The common scaring elements are spiders and fear of height.

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