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Dreams: Not to be Seen But Lived

March 30, 2011 on 11:08 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Dreams, What actually are they?. Is it just the thought which takes way in our subconscious mind and we vision it at night? Are they illusion of our true-self being on this earth to be someone and to do something with a difference? Do we get a reverie so that we can achieve our goals or is Dream our vision of the future? These are few of the common questions which cross our minds pretty now and then. But, have we ever thought about it intensely?

In a very simple term, Dreams are the desire that remain hidden in our subconscious mind which get reflected in our mind when we are at rest. It has always been said     that desires are the start  of ways to all achievements. It is desires which pulsate and transcend into dreams. Dreams have been interpreted both by Psychologists and Dream Analyzers. According to them dreaming is a supernatural communication or a divine intervention between this world and the one above with certain self power which could be unraveled.

Sigmund Freud, the famous Psychologist has given a beautiful meaning of dream; he says that “Dreaming is often found to be the events of the day preceding, which he called the ‘day residue’.” Carl Jung has analyzed dreams which contain ineluctable truths, philosophical pronouncements, illusions, wild fantasies, memories, plans, irrational experiences and even telepathic visions.

It has been analyzed that essence of flowers conduces pleasurable dreams, relatively pungent odor bring forth adverse effect. The visions we see at night in our sleep are said to have an external stimuli which direct towards our olfactory and limbic system of the brain and that includes the hippo campus or memory area and the amygdala that is involved with emotional response.

Inherently, there are four types of Dreams:
LUCID DREAMS : The thoughts or decisions which seem impossible to be achieved in our awakened state get painted in our thoughts when we are asleep as in that state the faculties such as analytical abilities, logic and questioning tend to be dormant
PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS : Precognitive dreams are those where we tend to cross time and space to see those phases of life which are yet to occur. It might be the rational logical thinking and it comes once in a life time which gets stored in the memory bank.
NIGHTMARES : Nightmares are scary dreams that give you the paralyzing fear reflecting what actually you fear in conscious state.
DAY DREAMS: Day dreams are wandering thoughts seen with open eyes with the true feeling of achieving goals with experiences of past and future.

Dreams generally occur in our subconscious mind from our daily compassions and actions. In his book Dead Dreams Can Live!, David Matthew has tried to explain the relationship which is created by God between our actual world and the divine one. He in his book has related our dreams to the actions and wishes of God who knows what we actually need to boost ourselves.

He says that our brain, mind and spirit are encircled by thoughts, expression and emotions. Whatever we tend to do in reality gets fulfilled in our dreams. The reason behind this is that God wants to implant in our heart and mind the willingness to fulfill whatever we think. He wants us to achieve our goals and fulfill the dreams we see. Contretemps and imperceptible crisis puts all our aspirations and passion on one side. He makes the dreams we see into reality so that we don’t lose hope and the eagerness to rise. Dreams should be the idealism for the youth to think and act ardently in accomplishing it. The author explains in his books that dreams should not be made to perish but kept alive. It should be like the burning candle which keeps on lighting the others one after another.

In a very simple note, the author has explained that one should not chase dreams but walk along with them. Make it live with your endeavor and desires because that kindles and gives a spark.

Learn more about how Dreams aspire to achieve the goal in Dead Dreams Can Live! by Matthew, David.This inspirational book can be found at Coralhub.com.

Bunty Purkayastha is a passionate writer and loves to try new ways of expressing nature and other realities through words. In all her articles she has made an attempt to present something which is new and worth admiring.
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