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Dreamwork: Around the World and Across Time: An Anthology

March 23, 2016 on 12:31 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Dreamwork: Around the World and Across Time: An Anthology, brings together compelling writings on dreams from the pioneers of Western psychology, modern psychotherapists, world religions and myths, and from great philosophers, scientists, poets and more. This wide range of selections can inform and inspire personal and group dream work, as well as offer ways we can engage with, understand, and interpret our own dreams and dreaming. Paperback, ISBN: 9781-57733-171-1; Hardcover 978-1-57733-190-2 Endorsements “Over the millennia dreams have been assigned different meanings by different people in different cultures. Dreamwork provides its readers an opportunity to sample them all, from indigenous shamans to famed storytellers to contemporary psychotherapists. The scope of this book is incredible, and anyone who reads it emerges with a changed perspective and a deeper appreciation of these nightly gifts.” Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author, Extraordinary Dreams “Dreamwork: Around the World and Across Time is a tremendous contribution to the soul of humanity. After working as a therapist doing dream work for many years, Leland Shields has done the ‘work’ and given us this amazing gift of insight into the dream. My sincere appreciation to him, and to the dreamtime that continues to dream itself and the unfolding of Creation in each moment.” Eduardo Duran, Ph.D., author, Buddha in Redface “Dreamwork presents a vast selection of perspectives on dreams from psychotherapists, philosophers, novelists, poets, and native traditions. The author’s commentary to each of these offers us a path inward to appreciating our own mysterious dreams as well as to developing an understanding of ourselves that transcends our ordinary waking consciousness.” Mitchell D. Ginsberg, Ph.D., author, The Inner Palace: Mirrors of Psychospirituality in Divine and Sacred Wisdom-Traditions “Dreamwork is an exciting entrée to a flyby across time, continents and cultures, inviting dreamers to alight anywhere in this amazing anthology of writings to find inspiration and insights for pursuing their own dreamwork practices. Compiled by our guide, a practicing psychotherapist, this treasury of dream fact and fiction from famous personages of various times and perspectives provides brilliant illumination into everyone’s nightly journeys into the Dreamtime.” Rita Dwyer, International Association for the Study of Dreams, Past President and Executive Officer

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  1. Dreams – many older cultures view them as visions of the future. 0

    Comment by Midwest Book Review — March 23, 2016 #

  2. Great book, beautiful integration of many themes around dreams. 0

    Comment by E. Russell — March 23, 2016 #

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