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DreamWorks Dragons, Dragon Riders,Snotlout & Hookfang Figures

July 24, 2015 on 12:32 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Fly into battle with Snotlout and Hookfang as you recreate the magic of your favorite Dragon and Viking moments from DreamWorks Dragons! Only with Dragon Riders can you ride on any dragon! Snotlout & Hookfang are ready for battle! Hit the skies and unleash Hookfang’s projectile as you take down Drago and his evil dragon army! Choose any of your favorite Dragon or Viking as you soar into the sky on a DreamWorks adventure. Whether its Astrid & Stormfly, Hiccup & Toothless, or Snotlout & Hookfang, only Dragon Riders Dragons come with a Viking, their signature weapon and the ability to ride any dragon! Bring home the thrill of your favorite Dragons and Vikings with Dragon Riders Snotlout & Hookfang!

Product Features

  • Fly into battle and recreate the magic of DreamWorks Dragons with Snotlout and Hookfang!
  • Dragon Rider Snotlout has the ability to ride any dragon and comes with his signature war hammer. Hookfang comes with 4 points of articulation!
  • Collect them all: Astrid & Stormfly, Hiccup & Toothless, or Snotlout & Hookfang (each sold separately) and complete your DreamWorks Dragons army!
  • DreamWorks Dragons Dragon Riders are for dragon trainers 4+. No Batteries Required.
  • 1 Dragon 1 Viking 1 Viking Weapon 1 Projectile

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  1. so she was very happy when she received them 0

    Comment by Corinne Ellice — July 24, 2015 #

  2. 0

    Comment by Anonymous — July 24, 2015 #

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