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  1. A whimsical documentary capturing the essence of life but also the fear of death. For the dreamers…this one is recommended! Have you ever had a dream and by the next day, the dream came true?I’m sure many people have had certain dreams and coincidences in which we chalk off as just coincidence but for Scottish filmmaker Amy Hardie, she has always been a rational woman, a filmmaker who has focused on science documentaries and always delved into what causes this and what cause that. A normal woman with a loving family of three children (two daughters and a son from a previous marriage, her ex-husband died of cancer) and her current husband and a family that is happy as can be.Living in the country, maintaining her horses, loving life. And that filmmaker instinct of always bringing a video camera with her, may it be to film her family members or whatever nature brings to the countryside near her home.But on one evening, while sleeping, she had a dream of her horse telling her that he will be dying but to film it. Terrified about the dream and bothered by it, she woke up, as instructed by the dream, Amy grabbed her camera and ran out to look for her horse. And as she filmed, it was her horse laying dead in the area that he told her of.Why would she have such a dream? So, clearly that she saw her horse and heard this voice from her horse of its death to find out that he did die. Coincidence? Possibly.That is until she had her next dream.This dream was much worse than before. It was her deceased ex-husband giving her bad news that when she turns 48-years-old, she will die.And this leads to Amy Hardie, mother/filmmaker to contemplate whether or not she should listen to the dream. Her last dream of her horse came true, should she believe this second dream?Amy first tells her husband, who tells her it’s just a dream. She tells her older son, who does the same but at the same time is saddened as he can’t deal with another parent dying. As for her two younger daughters, seeing how her son reacted, she dare not tell them.But being a filmmaker who always looks for a cause in her science documentaries, Amy starts to look into dreams. She turns 48 but if she is to die this year, she wants to document everything. From her emotions, her research of dreams, her family’s reaction. And at times wondering if she should listen to dreams as it may just be a dream and not come true at all.As she lives her life wondering, she starts to cough and then she starts to cough more and more. At first it was thought as a cold but since she lives in an area free of industry, full of trees and fresh air, what could be causing the cough? As she goes for a doctor’s visit, she learns that her lungs are in bad shape and her lungs are hardening and now she must go through several tests.Now panic sets in. Has the dream came true? Are these the final moments that she will have with her husband and children? Amy continues to document her life, even going as far as interviewing professionals who give their explanation about dreams and whether or not Amy should care about that dream she had.Can dreams give us an idea of what can happen in the future? What causes dreams? Can dreams be trusted?Will mother, wife, filmmaker Amy Hardie survive her 48th year?”Edge of Dreaming” chronicles Amy Hardie’s quest as she looks into the meaning of her dreams.VIDEO & AUDIO:”Edge of Dreaming” is presented in 16:9 color. Amy Hardie Smith filmed everything via her digital video camera. A lot of good cuts and editing for her documentary with also science-based animation when it comes to the brain and its neural pathways and more. Shots of Scotland are breathtaking but this documentary is focused on Amy, her family and whatever she felt like recording during this difficult and scary time in her life.Audio is in English and there is use of music but for the most part, it’s Amy documenting her feelings of the day, approaching each month and her thoughts at the time, interviews with family members and researchers and more. Audio is clear and understandable.SPECIAL FEATURES:”Edge of Dreams”comes with the following special features: * Interview with Director Amy Hardie – (5:40) Filmmaker Amy Hardie talks about her film and discussing her dreams. * Research Interviews: Adam Zeman, Professor of Neurology – (13:48) Adam Zeman talks about what causes of dreams. * Research Interviews: Michael Hare-Duke, Episcopal Bishop – (6:55) Michael Hare-Duke talks about death. * Research Interviews: Fiona Clark, Nurse – (6:14) Fiona talks about being people who have died. * Research Interviews: Sandra Ingerman, Contemporary Shaman – (8:19) Sandra talks about nature and what nature is saying to humanity. * Research Interviews: Claudia Goncalves, Shamanic Practicioner – (5:19) Talking about accessing the spiritual…

    Comment by Dennis A. Amith (kndy) — March 31, 2014 #

  2. Very good, but be warned 0

    Comment by Paul Giurlanda "oaklandreader" — March 31, 2014 #

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    Comment by Anonymous — March 31, 2014 #

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