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ESP Dreams

February 3, 2011 on 9:56 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

ESP deal with extra sensory perception, and thus can get pretty weird. If you’ve ever seen the Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis, having ESP is like having a sixth sense. Unlike prophetic dreams or warning dreams, ESP dreams do not emphasize on the future, but more with the present and past moments that then unfold into the future. Here are some of the abilities that a person with ESP dreams might experience.

Dreamer is able to read someone else’s thoughts Dreams can receive messages or information from another person – living or dead Dreamer is present without being seen while drifting through the barriers of space Dreamer relives an event that has already been taken in the past Dreamer feels the pain of another person Dreamer is another person living their experience

Here are a few examples from the book, The Psychic Side of Dreams that describe people who’ve had ESP dreams. See if you can spot the image that symbolizes an external event that takes place elsewhere outside of the dreamer’s consciousness, and see if you can relate to these ESP experiences from your own dreams as well.

Case Examples of ESP Dreams

1. “Mrs. J. W. of New Jersey had a dream experience which comes under this heading. In 1941 a very close friend of hers was serving aboard an oil tanker which was then based at Fort Pierce, Florida. The tanker was torpedoed by a German submarine while at sea and all but one of the crew perished. At that time, Mrs. W. had a vivid dream in which she saw her friend trapped in his room. He was pounding the door with his fist and she was able to notice a porcelain doorknob which he kept bearing down on. All the time he kept crying out for her, calling her by his pet name for her, over and over; at this point the dream ended. Several hours later she was notified that he had died in the attack on the tanker” (Holzer 102-103).

2. “Mrs. Catherine H. is a housewife in her early forties who lives in Pennsylvania. Her entire family, consisting of husband and three daughters, are extremely telepathic, so she has no problems being recognized in this area. She has had precognitive dreams for many years, in fact, she says, too numerous to list. ‘I have precognitive dreams which are sifted from the rest by the presence of the color green somewhere in the dream,’ she explains. One particularly impressive dream she reported to me under the postmark of February 8, 1971. In the dream she saw green mountains, and several trucks sinking into black slime which was covering the entire mountain. She saw the trucks and suddenly found herself trapped very deeply under the trucks and some wood. She heard herself scream until she almost lost her voice. At that moment someone called out to her, warning her that she would lose her voice. That was the end of the dream.

Two weeks later, the great tragedy at Aberfan, Great Britain, shook the world: a coal slag slide burying a schoolhouse and killing many children. The newspaper story, which reached Mrs. H. two weeks after her dream, stated among other harrowing experiences, that a worker heard a child screaming, because she was trapped under the rubber. The worker called out to the child to stop screaming and asked her name, to which she replied, Catherine” (Holzer 104-105).

3. “An interesting incident of a retrocognitive dreaming occurred to Claudia Cunningham of Pennsylvania, who is an artist by profession.

A friend, Mrs. Emma Black, owned a farmhouse in eastern Pennsylvania which she had made available as a guesthouse to visiting artists. Not long ago, Miss Cunningham stayed there for a few days. That particular week there were six women staying at the guesthouse, two to a room. Miss Cunningham’s roommate had gone into the big bedroom across the hall to play cards with the others who were not yet ready to go to sleep. They were talking and laughing as Miss Cunningham undressed and opened the window by her bed. She set the alarm clock and lay down. As she started to relax, ready to drift into sleep, she still heard the voices across the hall. At the threshold of sleep she saw superimposed on the room in which she lay an older, shabbier room with stained wallpaper, poorly furnished and drab. A woman was sitting on a straight chair and leaning her arms against the windowsill. She had long, dark hair hanging over her shoulders and she was weeping in a heartbroken way. Miss Cunningham could hear her sobs over the fainter sounds of the chatter from the other room. Then there was the sound of feet running down the stairs and the back door slamming. Gradually the woman in the room faded away and only Miss Cunningham’s room remained. The sound of the other guests’ voices across the hall increased to the usual level. At this point Miss Cunningham drifted into deep sleep, still wondering about her experience.

The following morning, at breakfast, she discussed her experience with her hostess and the others. Mrs. Black confirmed the fact that the room in which Miss Cunningham had slept had indeed belonged to a dark-haired woman she had described, and that the woman had a great deal of grief because of a retarded child. However, the woman in question was still very much alive and living nearby” (Holzer 110-111).

In the first dream, Mrs. J. W felt the final calls before her friend’s death while dreaming. When she woke up, she found out that her friend had died in the attack on the tanker. Is it possible, that perhaps through ESP dreams, we can hear voices of other people who are in the highest moments of pain such as being trapped before dying? Is possible that before death, one can call out from miles away, to a loved one that is in his or her sleep? These are some possibilities that should be taken in consideration when dealing with extra sensory perception.

Consequently, in the second dream, Catherine had dreamt herself trapped under trucks and wood, screaming, while somebody else warned her that she would lose her voice. Later she discovered that a child was trapped under rubble, and a worker called out to her to stop screaming. The child’s name was Catherine. In this dream, the dreamer, Catherine, was able to feel the pain of a person under danger before the same event actually taken place. Not only did she feel the pain, but she became the person going through the tragic experience. Another thing to note was the color of the mountains – green, symbolizing that this dream to her wouldhappen in the future. This raises another question – can ESP dreams allow our souls to enter the souls of other people and feel their inner bodily experiences, and what kind of symbols are destined to make dreams come true?

Finally, in the third dream, Mrs. Emma Black was able to dream about the women with long, dark hair hanging over her should, weeping. What she was able to do in her dream was reliving a scene from the past in the same room of the house. Perhaps there are certain places in the world that allow us to dreams of those places, where something tragic have happened there. Would you want to have a dream reliving a scene from somebody else’s past? I know I wouldn’t… the thought just creeps me out.

What is interesting about these ESP dreams however, is how time works. In dream 1, the dreamer was able to feel the call of another person at the same time that is was happening. In dream 2, the dreamer was able to feel the scream of a girl, 2 weeks before it happened. In dream 3, the dreamer was able to see the woman in the chair after it had already happened. Unlike prophecy dreams, there is no limit to when an event might take place once it is happening in the moment of the dream.

Nevertheless, ESP dreams are fascinating subject as it gives us insight to possible abilities that go beyond are ordinary everyday experiences. Whether or not one believes it them or not, the mere though that these types of dreams can allow us to receive messages from other people, relive in event in the past, or live somebody else’s experience in the moment, finding out more about this psychic side of dreams. In the next post, we’ll talk more about being able to drift one place to another, called Out-of-the-Body Dreams.

Tristan Lee is a writer who enjoys helping others with self-improvement and personal success. Read more of his self-improvement posts at his blog, http://tristanleesblog.com/.
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  1. I have had many precognitive dreams in my life, too numerous to count. I’m curious if anyone else experiences them the same way I do. I’m not a passive observer. I’m in the body/mind of a person present for the event about to happen. It’s like I’m along for the ride. There is minimal exchange of information between me and the person I’m in. It can be very disturbing. I dreamt about Chernobyl a month before it happened and I got all the details bang on. The person who I was inhabiting was extremely scared and hopeless as he knew he was contaminated and would soon succumb. His last thoughts were that thousands upon thousands would die and no one was going to know. Another even more disturbing dream involved being inside the mind of a serial killer. I got a look at him when he/I/we looked into the rear view mirror of a car. In the dream he killed a mother and daughter. I could experience what was going on in his mind and it was utterley hellish and unlike anything I ever experienced before. Anyway, long story short, this serial killer became known as the I-5 killer (I recognized his pic in the newspaper) and he had killed a mother and daughter shortly before he was caught. Frankly I don’t like this ability much. I only ever see and experience horrible things.

    Comment by Axion — August 25, 2011 #

  2. I believe that precognitive dreams are projected by emotions. Sadly horror and fear are some of the strongest emotions and are often the easiest to receive in dreams. They are also extremely memorable, so you are more likely to recall a horrific dream than a pleasant one.

    One remedy for this problem is to join psychic classes and groups that systematically practice psychic exercises such as psychometry and billets, allowing you to teach yourself to pick up on all kinds of emotions, not just scary ones. Practice enhances your psychic abilities as it does other abilities.

    The other thing that will help is to keep a dream journal. That way, as you read back over your past dreams, you can recognize the good ones as well as the bad. You have to be diligent, and write down all dreams every day, but you don’t have to spend much time on it. Dream expert Robert Moss says if you’re short on time, jot down a title for the dream and a few notes, carry your dream journal with you and note down details as your recall them during the day. That will give you enough to go on, and you can do it in spare moments such as waiting in line, commuting, or on a break at work.

    I think reading over all your dreams will be reassuring. It will also signal your subconscious that you are interested in good dreams as well as bad and will give them full attention, too.

    I hope this helps.

    Comment by White Cranes — August 25, 2011 #

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