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Explore Your Mind – Step By Step Guide To Lucid Dreaming

March 5, 2013 on 8:36 am | In Dream Types | 3 Comments


Kenneth Green is an experienced lucid dreamer who has finally shared his experience and wisdom in a book that makes becoming a lucid dreamer an easy task. In this book, he shares his years of experience to help everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty of lucid dreaming.

The author became motivated to write this book when he started getting more and more complaints, that most of the lucid dreaming guides and books have too much information. Having too much information is hard for new lucid dreamers and most of the information in the online guides and most books is pretty insignificant.

Kenneth took all the most important parts of lucid dreaming and put it all together into a really easy step by step guide. By using this guide every person can have lucid dreams. This is even good for experienced lucid dreamers as it has different tips for them as well.

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The best simple step-by-step guide to lucid dreaming includes:

• How to remember your dreams
• How to become conscious inside your dream
• Different methods to get inside a lucid dream
• How to make your lucid dreams last longer
• How to become a Master of Lucid Dreaming

The author even gives the readers opportunity to get their hands on some bonus material. Every reader gets to use a lucid dream inducing mp3 file to enhance their lucid dreams even further.

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  1. Informative! I have been trying to lucid dream without luck for several months. I have not succeeded mostly because there is so much information on the internet. It’s really hard to understand what’s important and what’s not.Thankfully my coworker who has been a lucid dreamer for 12 years told me about Kenneth Green’s new book. She told me I should get the book, because it really breaks it down step-by-step, fast and easy. No information that’s not needed.I tried it out and I’m happy to say It’s the 3rd night after buying the book and I’ve already had a couple cool lucid adventures. I hope this happens to you too. I highly recommend you to get this book.

    Comment by Patricia Gaddis — March 5, 2013 #

  2. Highly recommended! I am a moderator of a popular lucid dreaming forum. I have been in the lucid game for 8 years now. In my times I have come across all different kinds of lucid dreaming books and guides. There have been lots of bad ones, lots of too-much-nonsense-information-books and some good ones across the years.Kenneth’s new guide is one of the 3 best lucid dreaming guides I have personally seen in 8 years. Highly recommended to get the lucid dreaming game into your arsenal.

    Comment by Alex — March 5, 2013 #

  3. I Love Lucidity I’ve always been fascinated by the principle of lucid dreaming. But as the author says, there is so much information available at dozens of books and hundred of websites, where do you start? Well, the answer is HERE! Concise, easy to follow and fluff free you’ll learn about reality checks, the various methods of lucid dreaming, staying lucid, how to overcome sleep paralysis and best off, how to fly. Seriously! A great little guide.

    Comment by D. C. Wiggs — March 5, 2013 #

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