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from christmas dream: sept. 21st

August 9, 2013 on 11:33 am | In Future Dreams | 2 Comments

So, I’m in this dark room and Audrey comes up with this clear plastic figurine. It is a girl holding a gingerbread house with a present and stuffed clown at her feet. Her slipper peeks out from under her dress. If you look closely you can see three mounted Christmas lights inside the house. Remember, she’s not opaque, but clear. Her hair is a shock of pure white fuzz rising Phyllis Diller-like into the air. At her base is a battery and control switch which control the lights. I suppose on a cool winter night this was once quaint. The hair, in those earlier days probably resting and not all frizzed up.

Audrey leans in holding her the figurine out to me.
Although I know she’s always been special, she says, I think it’s time for ‘Crappy de Christmas’ to move on. Yes, I say, acknowledging Audrey’s need to let go of this past incarnation of Christmas cheer to make room for some new traditions of her own. But before you get rid of her, I say, let me have her so I can take a photograph.

Of course this statue never existed in my family. It was only in the dream, hence this drawing instead. Imagine this figure in three dimensions, rendered in clear plastic with those junky Christmas lights mounted inside. The hair remember is real and white as snow. Her hair reminded me of the hair on those little plastic trolls.


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  2. awesome drawing!

    Comment by 75' — August 9, 2013 #

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