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Relieving Pain Can Improve Sleep and Dreaming

January 9, 2013 on 3:30 pm | In Healing Dreams, Musings | No Comments

Pain or other discomfort can prevent sleep or can keep you from going deeply asleep enough to reach REM sleep—the level at which we dream. And that is bad. Not dreaming is bad for mental health, and not getting enough or deep enough sleep can make you sick. In fact, it can cause joint pain.

Scientific research has shown that inflammation is one of the main causes of pain. Inflammation also leads to diseases such as diabetes that also cause pain. So if you can relieve the inflammation, you can relieve the pain.

Nopalea is an all-natural juice product that helps people with inflammation. Made from the juice of the Nopal cactus fruit, it is tasty and enhances the body’s natural ability to fight inflammation. People who drink a few ounces of Nopalea each day say that it makes them feel better.

If you would like to try Nopalea, you can order a 32 oz. (quart) bottle of it for free. All you have to pay is $9.95 for shipping. People can now try this product for free (just pay $9.95 for shipping). To try it, call 1-800-280-8518.

Dreams and sleep are important to our health and well-being. Relieving inflammation can give you a better night’s sleep and more or better dreams. 

Tasty Nopalea drink can help your body fight inflammation. Enough said.

Sweet dreams!

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