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Helping Children (and Parents) Achieve Their Dreams

December 27, 2011 on 9:46 am | In Dream Come True, Dream Types, Future Dreams, Musings | No Comments

Children often have seemingly grandiose dreams for the future. They may dream them at night or they may imagine them after seeing a movie or TV show or hearing others talk about them.

Often such dreams seem fanciful or unrealistic. A weak math student dreams of being an architect or scientist.  A poor reader wants to create movies or write TV series. But do not dismiss them out of hand.

These children may have amazing vision and imagination. But they will clearly need a great deal of help in achieving their dreams. Can you help them reach goals they do not seem naturally prepared for? Yes, you can. But not just by encouraging “positive thinking and perseverance.”

Master teachers have created teaching strategies that help children improve weak academic areas and more quickly absorb new ones. Teachers can enhance their skills and parents can learn to help their children learn better and faster with programs from Mentoring Minds.

Learning problems often are not a matter of memory or facts. True learning is based on critical thinking, as described by Bloom, Englehart, Furst, Hill, and Krathwohl in 1956.

Mentoring Minds uses the Bloom method to create programs and teaching tools to help children learn critical thinking so that they learn more efficiently. That is the skill all children need to achieve their dreams of the future. A Research tab on the Mentoring Minds website explains the research behind the Mentoring Minds products.

These strategies for teaching math, for example, can also be used by knowledgeable parents to help children at home. The Mentoring minds store offers a host of subject-teaching products and critical thinking aids for several important subject areas, including such mainstays as reading, science, math, vocabulary, English and Spanish, as well as teaching tools for teachers, such as classroom management, flip charts, common core standards, and card sets, which can be useful for parents as well.

These are solid, well-researched, proven strategies for building a firm foundation under children’s dreams. If you are willing to take action and work with children to help them learn what they need to know, you can help make their dreams come true.

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