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How to Take Control of Dreams

January 22, 2014 on 8:57 am | In Dream Types, Health and Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Taking Action | No Comments

There are many things that one can do before turning in for the night and one thing that is important to learn is how to take control of dreams and one of the easy ways to help induce a pleasant dream at night is to keep a small notebook at your bedside table.

Each night before going to bed, jot down an example or ideas of what you would like to dream about that night. Sound strange? Not really! By jotting down these thoughts onto paper will help your brain internalize these thoughts and place them in your subconscious mind.

Once you are relaxed and in bed let you mind reflect on what you have just written down. This will ready your subconscious mind into thinking about these thoughts as you drift into slumber. Whether you play music that relates to your thoughts or dreams as you relax in your bed, these signals are transmitted to your brain and help your mind thought take control of your dreams.

Of course, environment also does play an active role in determining what type of dream you might have when you go to bed. Watching a scary movie just before bedtime might just play havoc on your thoughts of having a good night’s rest.

Scary movies before bedtime tend to have us tossing and turning all night, so do remember to schedule these types of movies when you don’t have to wake up so early in the morning, just in case you have some sort of nightmare resulting from a movie from the night before.

Other ways that one can take control of dreams is to try to have a relaxation time just before bed. Whether this be a nice soak in the tub or a couple of pages or a chapter out of a book, reading before bedtime helps your mind to wind down from a long day of working.

By reading before bedtime, you are also giving your brain the chance to unwind and get rid of some of the stress and tension that it might have had to endure during the day.

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