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Interesting facts about Australian Aboriginal culture

September 14, 2013 on 9:38 am | In Dream Types, Dreamers, Dreamscapes, History and Beliefs | No Comments
English: Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr Art Site, ...

English: Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr Art Site, Kakadu National Park, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Aboriginal people are the world’s most ancient living culture; they have occupied Australia for at least 50,000 years. By the time Captain Cook first encountered Australia; Aboriginal people were already living there in small settlements.

When Europeans began to settle in Australia over 200 years ago there were thought to be almost one million Aborigines. The Aboriginal people lived in clans; each clan had a spiritual connection with their region. These clans all had different languages or dialects and would carry out certain rituals and totemic gatherings on the land.

The Europeans moved to Australia and, to a certain extent, took over. They invaded the Aboriginal land and water resources but, worse again, brought with them foreign diseases. Half of the Aboriginal population were wiped out by diseases such as small pox and the flu due to them having no immunity.

The majority of Aborigines lived in the South and South East of Australia along the River Murray. The groups used to move around depending on the season; this is due to them being hunters and gatherers.

The Aboriginal people have a unique talent and ability to work with nature and live off the fat of the land, they were nomadic, thus travelling around in order to survive, and it is thought this unique ability is the reason for the length of their survival.

The Aboriginal people live by a legacy based on spiritual knowledge. They have a deep understanding of the land and are at one with the earth and nature. This knowledge of the land and spiritual world is brought together through rituals, art, dance, music and secret stories known as ‘dreamtime’.



Dreamtime is the Aboriginal story of all creation – how the world came to be. They believe that in the beginning spirits came to the earth and created people, living things and landforms. Australian landscape to them is a unique map of the spirits, their stories and journeys coming together as unique legends still being heard today.

Australia is an extremely diverse country with many different cultures and languages being spoken by the original Aboriginal people, also known as Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal heritage is not only about the history, rock art, spirituality, rituals and beliefs; it is a living, ongoing thing.

Playing the traditional aboriginal musical ins...

Playing the traditional aboriginal musical instrument, the didgeridoo – an amazing instrument ! To hear free samples go to: www.freesound.org/tagsViewSingle.php?id=1169 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music is a very special part of Aboriginal culture, as is body painting; both used for ceremonies and rituals. The didgeridoo, often associated with Australia, is also part of the native Aboriginal culture. This instrument is only played by male Aborigines and the females are happy to leave the playing up to the men.

We know about Aboriginal history from unique carvings found in Australia on rocks and bark, Aboriginal art is still regarded as an integral part of cultural life and is used to represent clans and identities.

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