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Lavender – An Entwined Adventure In Science & Spirit

January 8, 2013 on 1:32 am | In Dream Types, Dreams Fiction | 2 Comments

Lavender, a novel about dreams

Lavender, a novel about dreams

Inspired by a true story, LAVENDER is a fable for our times.

Following the relentless quest of Penelope, an unschooled, unscientific and unexpected vehicle for higher truths, LAVENDER engages you in decoding dream-encrypted riddles and clues to a monolithic puzzle. As the hundreds of threads in Penelope’s dreams connect, we discover how intuition guided by spirituality can reveal startling scientific fact. The choice emerges between healing the earth or ignoring Penelope’s tormented warning of our potential demise.

Wound around a long-term study in dreaming consciousness, LAVENDER brings David Bohm’s quantum theory of cosmic unity to life through aspects of fragmentation, timelessness, interconnectedness and wholeness.

As a guide to the waking-dreaming mind, LAVENDER reveals:

• the transformational potential in long-term dream journaling;

• paranormal aspects inherent in dreaming; and

• how dreamers can crack their own code.

LAVENDER is charged with mystery and suspense, neither science fiction nor earthbound whodunit, but a Who-Sent-It cosmological conundrum with outcomes supported by today’s headlines.

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2 comments on “Lavender – An Entwined Adventure In Science & Spirit

  1. Cecelia A. Blair on said:

    The Dream is the Messenger I enjoyed the protagonist very much and found myself experiencing her feelings of excitement, frustration and joy as she followed the clues of her dreams and learned to identify their messages correctly. While this book ultimately conveys very serious warnings about the consequences for the earth of our current means of energy production, it is not simply another warning from higher levels concerning the earth’s precarious state. By Lavender’s means of following the strange logic of clues and decoding the metaphorical language of dreams, it actually evoked this higher level of consciousness in me in which I too could feel the earth as my own reality.Lavender, then, is not simply about a warning, but about engendering an experience. Its initial pursuit through broken logic, fragmentary imagery and clues in order to discover their correct reference and meaning–this process broke up my ordinary thought coherence too, making an opening for the unity consciousness beyond ego. It moved my own experience of reality into a transcendent, more whole place. While engaging with this story, I felt a joyful peace and a synchronistic mode of knowing and action come in. I believe this is much of the point, that this kind of consciousness is available to those who “grab the handles” that their dreams present, and learn to ride this “bike”. I am delighted by this book and find it empowering, even as it presents critical warnings about the state of our earth. As we come to know the earth as one with ourselves, literally like our own body inside, we too may find it natural to act in ways which can avert catastrophic consequences and above all, move into a more enlightened future.

  2. Bud Shapiro on said:

    Lavender by Judy B. Gardiner This is a story about Judy’s ( Penelope Peacock’s) journey through life. From her early childhood into the present, she has lead an extraordinary life which she generously and openly shares with her readers. However, unlike most of us, Penelope is blessed with the uncanny ability to remember and interpret and understand her numerous dreams. These dreams provide her with many clues which in some instances help to explain what has or what will happen to her and in other instances create more questions than answers. She started writing down her dreams in 1997 and the written story takes off from there.Judy is a prolific dreamer and her dreams fall into two categories……personal dreams abnd cosmic dreams. While most of us take our day to day life for granted and merely accept what has or will happen to us on both a short term and long term basis, Judy has developed or has been blessed with an abiliity to see into the future via her dreams so that she can better understand the ramifications. However, her dreams and talents do not merely pertain to the future or even the present…….she has become an expert on certain elements of the past. Her theories and understanding of the tragedy of the Titanic in 1912 bring a whole new perspective to this part of history. Her knowledge and insight into the French scientist Madam Curie and the significance of her research and discoveries are remarkable. These are just a few examples from her book.Based on her dreams, Judy’s warnings of what the earth’s population is doing to our environment cannot be ignored. Sure, man has only been on this planet for a very small percentage of the earth’s existence, but the amount of dangerous elements man has created and the rate at which we continue to create these dangers, leaves us wondering if it is too late. Hopefully, Judy’s warnings will be heeded in time.Based on her dreams, Judy’s abilities are indeed extraordinary. While she feels she is just an ordinary person who dreams, her abilities and depth of understanding are far beyond normal compared to the rest of us.While most people do not remember their dreams or are afraid of the symbolism and ramifications, the reality as shown by Judy/Penepole is that dreams can be very healing.This is indeed a very special book which deserves reading and understanding and reflection. It helps to explain some of the unique powers and forces of our world which most of us do not understand. Judy uses her dream experiences to help us understand a little more.Bud Shapiro

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