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Lucid Dream Audio

February 17, 2013 on 8:15 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

Many people say that by playing a realizing CD while trying to lucid dream helps. I tend to disagree with this statement although I do think lucid dream audio can be a very powerful thing I personally have only found successes with Binaural Beats. Binaural Beats are special audio recordings which produce different frequencies of sound to each ear. These frequencies are interpreted by the brain in such a way that it causes a beat effect. By using these frequencies and studying brain wave activity studies have shown that a meditative state can be reached much quicker then with no audio at all or another form of audio.

Because it is hard to determine what is a good Binaural Beat many people have recorded fake versions and sold them as the real deal. Unfortunately this has created a lot of mistrust in the industry and has ruined some peoples opinions of this wonderful brain phenomenon. When trying a Binaural Beat you should reach a meditative state with in 8 to 10 minutes of listing if you are completely relaxing when listing. Even if you have no meditation experience this type of audio can help you reached a relaxed state in just minutes as opposed to what some people have worked years to achieve with traditional mediation.

So how can this help you to lucid dream? Well during a meditative state the mind stays conscious but isn’t focused on anything. When the body enters REM sleep it is much easier to know that you are dreaming if you are in a meditative state rather then a full on sleep state where the mind has taken over the dream state.

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I have been using these same techniques for the last 15 years. I can honestly say that lucid dreaming keeps me sane. When all day at work I do repetitive actions it always transfers over to my dreams. Unfortunately I would spend the whole night tossing and turning. Once I learned to lucid dream my sleep became a lot more restful and I stopped being so stressed out during the day. One huge problem I had when starting to lucid dream was remembering my dreams. I found that using Binaural Beats seriously helped me achieve a higher state of consciousness. In this state not only did I fall asleep faster but I remembered my dreams and lucid dreaming became a lot easier. Keep in mind that not all Binaural Beats are created equally. I have found that The-Minds-Power.info are the best. You can even download one for free there to test. Try it out you’ll be amazed at how fast you fall into a meditative state of mind.

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