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Lucid Dreaming – Become the Master of Your Dreams

December 19, 2013 on 10:39 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

When you dream in your sleep, are you aware that you are dreaming? When you wake up in the morning, do you remember exactly what you had dreamt about? If you’re having a nightmare, can you control what is happening in your dream? What about those pleasant dreams? Do you have the ability to willingly dream those dreams over and over again? For most people, all of these seem quite impossible, but some people actually have the ability for these. It’s called Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid dreaming, in scientific terms, is that phenomenon of the mind wherein a person is dreaming, but then he is also aware that he is actually dreaming. When a person has lucid dreams, his mind has higher amounts of beta-1 frequency bands, which means there is an increased activity in his brain’s parietal lobes, thus making the dreams more conscious.

The eBook provides some scientific as well as cultural/historical background regarding this rare phenomenon, and it includes some proven strategies on how you can start controlling your dreams. It reveals 10 powerful techniques on how to make your dreams more ‘lucid’ or vivid.

“Lucid Dreaming: Become the Master of your Dreams” also tackles some of the most common misconceptions about lucid dreaming, its possible dangers when misused, and other related subconscious phenomenon. Lucid dreaming has been around since the beginning of history and lately, it’s drawing more and more attention not just from the scientific or medical field.

Although most people ‘believe’ that their dreams are real (hence they also have the slightest awareness that they are dreaming), still, the brain is so powerful and mysterious that anyone can train it so that he or she can be more conscious when dreaming. With this book, “Lucid Dreaming: Become the Master of your Dreams”, you will learn how to consciously will your mind to control the situations happening in your dreams so that ultimately, you can become the Master of Your Dreams.

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