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LUCID DREAMING: Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming, Tips & Techniques How To Control Your Dreams & Become A Master Lucid Dreamer

September 21, 2015 on 7:35 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

LUCID DREAMING: Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming, Tips & Techniques How To Control Your Dreams & Become A Master Lucid Dreamer

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Learn the benefits of lucid dreaming, tips & techniques on how to control your dreams and become a master lucid dreamer.

Everybody dreams. Studies on lucid dreams show that one in every five persons experience a lucid dream and 50% of people have a lucid dream at least once in a lifetime. Dreamers may not know they are experiencing a lucid dream, not knowing what it is.

People view dreams as a fantasy world, distinct and separate from reality. Further, dreams happen during sleep where an individual has no conscious awareness and no control of what the dream is going to be. The dreamer may forget the dream upon waking, finds it amusing and make it a conversation piece, or gets baffled with its meaning and implications in real life.

Lucid dreams are not that rare. Talk about it with friends and you discover a few experience lucid dreams, some frequently and some less often. Children, studies show, experience lucid dreams naturally, as children are free with their imagination and perhaps more imaginative than adults. Some children wake themselves up in a lucid dream or guide dreams into a pleasant one.

Adults, too, can guide their lucid dreams. The increasing interest in lucid dreams has led scholars to conduct researches on lucid dreams, in particular, and concluded that lucid dreams can be directed and used to improve awareness of self and environment. Self awareness leads to resiliency and ultimately to the quality of life.

Lucid Dreaming is your ultimate guide to controlling your dreams and becoming a master lucid dreamer!

In this book you will learn:

• What lucid dream is and what it does to you

• Common misconceptions about lucid dreams

• Benefits you get from lucid dreams

• Tips and tricks to control your dreams

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