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Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Your Health, Wealth & Prosperity: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (True Life Stories Book 1)

September 2, 2014 on 5:34 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

There is a special kind of dream called the lucid dream. In a lucid dream you are aware that you are dreaming whilst still in the dream. For example, let’s say you are having one of those typical flying dreams. According to research, more than one-third of all people report dreams in which they are flying – and not in an aeroplane or hot air balloon – they are flying just using their physical bodies. 

Now imagine that, still in your dream, you are soaring through the clouds like Superman and you suddenly realise: Hey! In real life, flying without an aeroplane is impossible. The only explanation for what is going on right now is that I must be dreaming! I’m awake in my own dream! 
Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced these kind of spontaneous lucid dream awakenings. It is an experience which is almost always accompanied by a tremendous sense of exhilaration, wonder and liberation. Such dreams are also impregnated with a sense of bliss and joy. 
Suddenly you find yourself not only flying through the air, but you are able to take control of your flight and go wherever you want. Imagine the freedom and thrill! And because this is a dream, anything goes. The ordinary laws of physics have been suspended – the fact that you now command the ability to fly is only the beginning. Theoretically, in a lucid dream you can manifest anything your heart desires. 
Want to walk on the ocean floor, or explore the surface of Mars? That’s entirely possible within a lucid dream. Or maybe you would like to go out on a date with your favourite movie star, or travel into the ancient past to visit the Egyptian pyramids as they are being built. 
Thousands of people have taken up lucid dreaming because they wanted to increase their artistic creativity, solve problems, and find ways to make more money or even help them visualize healthier bodies for themselves in the face of diseases – however, in the process, they encountered lucid dream experiences that greatly expanded their spiritual awareness. Even the most hardened atheists and materialistic science-minded types have found lucid dreaming to be expansiveness of consciousness in ways they never expected.
When you’re wealthy in mind – total wealth in all area follows! 
In this book you are going to learn the basics of everything you need to launch yourself into the infinity of the dream world, and to leverage its uncanny and incredible power. As we roll out our lessons and methods for fast and easy lucid dreaming achievement, we are also going to provide frequent real-life examples – both famous cases from history and those from modern-day events – that show how dreams, including your dreams, can truly change your life, and possibly even change the world.
The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming: 

* It can solve your problems

* It can help you make more money

* It can contribute to a healthier body 

* It can increase your creativity

* It can expand consciousness

* It can promote spiritual advancement 

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