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Lucid dreaming handbook- fresh lucid dreaming techniques

July 10, 2013 on 7:37 am | In Dream Types, Lucid Dreams, Taking Action | 1 Comment
Step by Step Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Step by Step Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The secret to having a lucid dream is to have a few techniques up your sleeve.

FRESH TECHNIQUES:How to have new lucid dreaming experiences.
Metaphysical handbook length: 6400 words

Techniques, intent and practice is all you need.

You probably have a lot of intent and practice all you need is techniques suited to you.

This handbook covers:
*What are lucid dreams and how do they differ from OBEs
*The dangers of lucid dreaming- more like things to keep in mind (you have nothing to worry about)
*Using a dream journal and how to remember to
*Using personalized reality checks to speed up lucid dream induction
*Binaural beats for quicker lucid dreams
*The optimal time to have a lucid dream- my easy technique
*What are the chakras (major energy centers) and how these can make lucid dreams extremely vivid
*Simple 15 minute chakra meditation
*Trippy lucid dream experiences
*Dream characters-are they real?
*Making a lucid dream last for longer

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