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Lucid Dreaming NOW: A Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Living in Your Dreams and Expanding Your Reality

April 30, 2015 on 10:33 am | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

Lucid Dreaming NOW:: A Modern No-nonsense Guide on Learning how to Lucid Dream and Opening Up to the Gateway of Your Inner Self

WHAT:: is Lucid Dreaming Anyway?

Lucid dreaming is technically the state when you are aware that you are dreaming. It is when your mind knows that you are in a dream, but you are still physically asleep.

Whether you’ve heard of lucid dreaming or not, this book is a modern guide that takes a direct approach to lucid dreaming. There is no need to be intimidated or feel that this is too “new-agey.” Instead, keep an open mind — just as I did. Now, I look forward to sleep and experience a number of benefits that only seem to get better and better.

A Few Benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

1. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

2. Improve Your Creativity

3. Face Your Fears

4. Improve Your Confidence

5. Practice New Skills

6. Explore Alternate Realities

7. Get Life-Changing Information from your Subconscious

8. Do What You Want in Your Dreams: Naughty or Nice

9. Better, Blissful, Restful Sleep

10. Improve Your Memory

DOWNLOAD:: Lucid Dreaming NOW: A Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Living in Your Dreams and Expanding Your Reality

Lucid Dreaming NOW answers your most important questions, including:

Is everyone capable of lucid dreaming?

While lucid dreaming can come naturally to others, other people may find it difficult to learn. Lucid dreaming is more of a skill that you can learn than a talent. However, even those people who are talented lucid dreamers can still use some practice to maximize the benefits of lucid dreaming.

Most people experience lucid dreaming spontaneously i.e. they are not fully aware that it was actually a lucid dream. Only when you are totally aware of lucid dreaming can you completely enjoy the whole experience. The best part is that you can practice it. With dedication towards practicing it often, you can be a skilled lucid dreamer soon.

Is Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control the Same Thing?

Lucid dreaming and dream control are not synonymous. Being lucid in a dream does not make you in control of the entire dream sequence. You may control you actions and changing the scenery; however, these do not comprise the entirety of your dream. Controlling your dream entirely is difficult since your subconscious mind is the one creating it. What you can do is influence the progression of the events in your dream world.

Here is a brief overview of what’s covered:

*The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

*The Sleep Cycle and Lucid Dreaming

*Lucid Dreaming FAQs

*Preparing For Your First Lucid Dream

*50 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams

*How to Remember Your Dreams

*Resource List

*61 Point Relaxation Exercise

*Key Takeaways

*How to Put This Information into Action

Would You Like to Know More?

Download this book today and set a new path to discovering the amazing benefits of lucid dreaming.

Scroll up and click the buy button to instantly download Lucid Dreaming NOW

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