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Lucid Dreams: How to Lucid Dream – 13 Quick Tips on How to Induce Lucid Dreaming Without Drugs

December 25, 2015 on 11:38 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Attention: Deep sleepers who do not get enough fun from their dreams

Ask any lucid dreamer and they will tell you about the endless possibilities of what can be done when you have full mastery over your dreams. Flight, meeting lost loved ones, hanging out with your favorite celebrities, and walking with dinosaurs are all achievable by the lucid dreamer.

Normal, unrestrained dreaming can be easily forgettable. Normal dreams will often make no sense. Worst yet, normal dreams can lead down a dark path and become unwanted nightmares. It’s time to take control of your dream world.

Inside you will learn:

What lucid dreams are

Why lucid dreaming is beneficial

Ways to manage REM sleep

How to encourage lucid dreaming

How to tell if you are in a dream

Ways to maintain a lucid dream

Friend, stop having dreams about being naked in school.

Learn how to lucid dream today!

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Dream journals are exactly what they sound like. They are notepads or diaries that you record your dreams in. A dream journal could even be kept on a recording device such as a voice recorder or voice recording app on your phone.

Whenever you wake up from a dream, write down every detail that you can remember. No detail is too small for this. Even things that seem completely insignificant should be recorded.

This helps with the practice of remembering your dreams for sure, but there are other reasons you want to record your dreams on paper or digitally. The more content you have in your journals, the easier the next step of the lucid dreaming process will be.

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