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3 Lucid Dreaming Techniques to Help You Have the Dream That You Want!

February 9, 2011 on 5:17 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Ever wanted to experience lucid dreams? Having lucid dreams may not be that easy to acquire but you see, there are several lucid dreaming techniques that you could do and it will be written below. The following may be able to help you achieve the kind of dream that you wanted to have. So just read on.

1. In the morning, after a good sleep, try to jot down everything that you could remember about your dreams. Always be ready with your pad and paper. You could try reliving your dreams just as if you were lucid at the time of your dream and you could imagine the sensations and excitement that a lucid dream could induce.

2. For 10-15 minutes every afternoon, re-envision your dream again and try to be confident of the fact that you could control your dreams and be lucid throughout the dream. However, ensure that you will not be hooked about this, you could practice every day for a number of minutes and again relive your dream.

3. Try to eat a light dinner and don’t watch television for at least two hours just before you’ll go to sleep. You could always try to relax and meditate by using headphones. Once you get to bed, be prepared with your pad in order for you to take notes about your dreams. While you’re already in bed and set for sleeping, listen to isochronic tones, they would be able to help you achieve an aware but very relaxed state.

To achieve lucid dreaming one must practice using these lucid dreaming techniques, and you will soon realize that they could be very powerful especially if they make you part of your daily routine. In order to achieve perfect lucid dreaming, you need to have binaural beats and isochronic tones for you to calm your brain waves and push all doubt from your mind.

Now, if you want to get further information about lucid dreaming techniques, you could make a research of your own or ask other people around especially those who already tried it in the past. You could also use the Internet if you’d like to get additional details about lucid dreams. The Internet is such a powerful tool when it comes to getting more knowledge about a certain topic. You could even read real-life stories of people who experienced lucid dreaming and you could actually learn a lot from these stories.

Finally! A great place to know more about lucid dreaming techniques! Know more about lucid dreaming induction today and have better control over your subconscious!
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