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Having Lucid Dreams The Basics

February 4, 2011 on 4:50 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Having Lucid Dreams The Basics

Lucid dreaming is essentially dreaming although being knowledgeable that you’re dreaming. Whenever you are in a lucid dream, you’ll generally experience some power over your dream — anything from being capable of flying or causing a physical object or room appear behind a door. You also might be capable of being able to convert into animals and produce a complete world! It is equivalent to being a managing director of your own movie. Lucid dreams have been scientifically shown to exist.

There are good deal of reasons you could prefer to lucidly dream: Merely for fun! Simply flying in a lucid dream is a thrilling experience. Lucid dreams are generally a lot more intense and graphic than nearly all non-lucid dreams. You are able to use a lucid dream to wind down after a long day. Metamorphosing into animals or acquiring great power is a unique experience that’s difficult to bring forth any other way. A major component of “conditioning” for lucid dreams is improving your dream recollection, that is, how many dreams you are able to recall. If you’re especially interested in dreams — either in spirituality or in psychological science — attempting lucid dreaming could assist you in your research. Whenever you are composing fiction or even producing a world for a video game, lucid dreaming can assist you envision it. You might ask your fictional characters how they feel about something or what they believe will come about. A few people compose music in their lucid dreams. Lucid dreams can be realistic enough to practice a speech or musical theater performance. You will be able to relive former dreams or experiences. They can assist in dream interpreting and communication with your
subconscious mind.

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