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How Can You Learn to Lucid Dream?

June 2, 2013 on 9:17 am | In Lucid Dreams | 1 Comment

Lucid dreaming is a fairly easy thing to learn about. Putting it into practice is a bit more difficult. The basic idea behind any type of lucid dreaming training or technique is to train the mind to know when it is dreaming so that you can begin to control your dreams. Typically this type of mind training is done through what we call “reality checks”. Preforming reality checks throughout your waking life can help train your mind to do these reality checks in your sleeping life.

Once a reality check is done in a dream the dreamer’s consciousness is stimulated enough to know they are dreaming. Knowing when you are dreaming is half the battle. Most people let their mind take over their dreams. Normally this isn’t a very good idea as most of us are too stressed out to have very positive dream influences hence the reason we grind our teeth and wake to feel un-rested.

There are many types of reality checks that people use. I my self like to use reality checks that involve thinking. I don’t find it very convenient to go about switching lights on and off in my daily life which is a more common reality check that people use. I like to analyze my situation instead. I think to myself “have I been here before? Who am I with? Does this situation seem real?”. This type of reality check doesn’t raise questions from curious friends or co-workers. Once your mind gets in the habit of asking it’s self these questions on a daily basis it will start to ask these questions while asleep which is ultimate goal. Once your mind can determine when it is dreaming lucid dreaming can take place.

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One comment on “How Can You Learn to Lucid Dream?

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