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How to Have a Lucid Dream in 7 Easy Methods

April 22, 2013 on 1:48 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Below I have put together 7 of the best Lucid Dream Induction methods:

1. Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams operation (MILDO) – This technique involves looking for signs that one is asleep whilst in a dream. An example is counting your fingers. Whilst awake, if you frequently count your fingers, you should eventually remember to carry out this method whilst sleeping, and it is likely you will find an ambiguous number of fingers, at which point you should realise you are dreaming.

2. Wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) – This method involves going to bed tired, waking up slightly earlier than usual. Stay awake for about an hour, focussing your attention on lucid dreaminis key for this method, and trying this method at night after a long day is notg, then going back to sleep and carrying out the MILDO method.

3. Wake-initiation of lucid dreams (WILDO) – This involves directly entering REM sleep from the waking state. Timing is key and it is difficult to carry on this technique just before bedtime. It is best to try this technique after 3-7 hours sleep, or during an afternoon nap. The sleeper could count, envision themselves climbing stairs, or control their breath. This way, they can maintain concentration, whilst being calm enough to let their body sleep.

4. Cycle adjustment technique (CAT) – This method of lucid dreaming is achieved by changing sleeping patterns, to force your body to become awake enough to eter a lecid dream. First the person will spend one week waking up 90 minutes earlier than usual. The week after, the person should alternate between normal and adjusted waking times.

5. WILDO-CAT – This is a slight variation of the CAT technique, the only difference is that on days where the normal waking time is carried out, the person is woken up early and is then allowed to go back to sleep, in the hope of initiating a lucid dream.

6. Lucid dream supplements (LDS) – It is suggested that taking certain supplements after several hours of sleep can hep the possibility of having lucid dreams. It is best to combine this with other methods.

7. Lucid dream induction devices (LDID) – If one is stimulated by for example a vibration or a flashing light at the moment one reaches REM, it can trigger that person to realise they are dreaming. This is very hard to achieve by yourself but there are gadgets on the market such as the NovaDreamer.

Original Author: Shaun A Smith Full Bio
If you want to find out more about learning to lucid dream and explore more methods click here.

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