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How to Have Lucid Dreams

March 27, 2011 on 1:35 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

There are up to three easy ways to have lucid dreams. The first is through the use of binaural beats, while the second is through the use of monaural beats and finally the use of isochronic tones. Out of these three techniques which can be used to have lucid dreams, the most efficient is through the use of isochronic tones followed by monaural and then binaural beats. They maybe other techniques, but the three just named techniques are the most effective. You will be able to get better results when you make use of it.

Let us talk about other tips which might work to have lucid dreams and I will later show you the way to get an idea of how the above named three easy ways to have lucid dreams can be gotten.

The first tip is the cycle adjustment technique which was created by Daniel Lore. It consists of adapting your sleeping round to promote consciousness within the second stage of your sleep which will help enable you to have lucid dreams. How it works is that you will need to use up to 7 days to rise up before an hour after 30 minutes prior to the usual waking up period, till your sleeping period starts to adapt. When your sleeping round must have adapted, your usual waking up period and ahead of times round switch per day. During the days which have the usual waking up period, your system will be able to rise up and it will boost wakefulness, making your system ability to induce lucid dreams very high to happen. This is a good tip you can try out to see if your system can be able to have lucid dreams.

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