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How to Have Lucid Dreams – the Secrets to Lucid Dreaming Revealed

January 29, 2011 on 5:01 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

For someone who likes to have unique dreams you might be wondering how to have lucid dreams.  If you do not know what a lucid dream is, it is a dream that makes you think that it is real and what happens in it can actually occur.  I personally have had lucid dreams that leave me awake with a feeling of panic because of what occurred.  A few have occurred that leave me feeling refreshed and calm when I wake but only if I have taken control of my dreams.  You can do that with lucid dreams, you can take charge of your dreams so that you control every move you make. 

Keeping record of your sleeping visions is a great way to learn how to have lucid dreams and also help you to control them.  You can do this by keeping a dream journal by your bedside or even a voice recorder.  As soon as you wake up you can record what happened.  This will help you figure out how to have lucid dreams in the future.  Knowing what happened and how it occurred can help you to encourage it to happen again.

There have been studies to suggest that the best time to have lucid dreams is by going back to sleep for a couple of hours after you wake up in the morning.  For me, this is when I have my best ones.  Dreams that leave me questioning if it was a dream or a memory when I wake up.  Keeping track of your personal sleep patterns can be very important in discovering when is the best time for you to have lucid dreams.  Lucid dreams generally come in ninety minute cycles and so if trying to recall the dream, try to wake before one of those cycles is complete. 

A good way to encourage lucid dreams is to set your alarm so that you wake about five hours or so after you have fallen asleep.  Of course make it so that you are setting the alarm to wake you an hour or two before you actually need to wake up.  Once the alarm goes off, lay back down and go to sleep.  That time frame is when you are most likely to have lucid dreams.  If for whatever reason you wake when having a lucid dream, try to fall asleep with that dream on your thoughts and focus on it the whole time you are dozing off and you could be able to start where you left off in your last dream.

How to have lucid dreams is something that is not hard to do once you know what you are doing.  Once you know how to control your dreams you will be able to control what happens in them and the outcome that can occur.  That will leave you able to make the dream just as entertaining as you want it to be. 

Samantha Miles is a lucid dreaming expert and instructor. She has helped thousands of people find their purpose in life by helping them understand their dreams and controlling them. Visit her website, www.luciddreamheaven.com and discover the secret lucid dreaming methods that can help you live your fantasies while you sleep.
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