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How To Lucid Dream? – Where Will You Be Tonight?

February 21, 2011 on 8:10 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Dreaming is a phenomenon that all of us experience.  However more often than not, we wake up to question what we dreamt about and why we dreamt certain things, and sometimes even wondered why there were unconnected strings in our dreams – like a badly directed movie!

How nice it would be if you could dream of what you want to dream and how you want your dream to progress?  This is the phenomenon known as lucid dreaming and if you thought that was difficult – then you are wrong.  This is quite possible and if you are keen to know how to lucid dream then let me help you.

Dreaming, waking up, sleeping all events that are controlled by the brain and the brain in turn is controlled by the various frequency levels that operate in and around the physical being. So if you know what frequencies are required and you have the ability to induce them then you would be well on the way to learning how to lucid dream! 

The alpha frequency state is the state when you are very much awake and active. Then you should know of the theta frequency range which is when your brain and you are heading towards dreaming mode. Delta frequency prevails when you are  actually fast asleep.

So, when you are sleeping, your brain is in the delta stage and once it reaches a high, it gets into the next frequency level of theta where the process of dreaming begins. These dreams are the ones that you have no control over – so how you ask  is lucid dreaming possible?

Once you reach the theta level, you need to have enough expertise to pick up the alpha frequency whereby you are awake – but immediately you need to drop back to the theta state even before you are fully awake. So what has happened now is that you are awake but you are not!

The truth is that since you went into the alpha frequency state, you did wake up and so did your subconscious, but then since you dropped back into theta you shall continue to dream. Since you are awake and aware of the fact, you realize you are dreaming while you are dreaming and hence you have the power to control this whole activity because of this realization.

It is truly a privilege to dream what you want to dream and achieve in your dreams what is not possible in the physical world. You will have no earthly or physical constraints, and you can fly free in full of health and energy.

Now that you have understood that the whole key to lucid dreaming is the ability to change frequencies at the precise time, and you can do this easily with isochronic tones. You can try the Lucid dreaming isochronic tone recording that will help you get to a stage of lucid dreaming quickly and easily.

It is also recommended that you try this recording at the optimum time for best results. It is most ideal if you wake up from your deep slumber and go back again into the state of blissful sleep while you are using the recording. Your subconscious will awaken but then since you start sleeping again, you will be able to dream – so you will know you are dreaming, and you can start directing you own experience.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and sweet dreams.

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