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How to Transform Your Ordinary Dreams into Exciting Fantasies with Lucid Dreaming

November 5, 2011 on 9:35 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments
Cover of "Inception"

Cover of Inception

Lucid dreaming involves the art of being and staying aware that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. This mentality and type of mind control can provide a brand new experience, and one that involves a very active imagination!

If you have suffered from horrible nightmares your entire life and have struggled with getting a proper night’s sleep for the past year, two years or even as long as you can remember, it’s time to take back the control of your dreams – literally. From meditation to visualizations, lucid dreaming is possible and can be accomplished in a very short period of time.

Lucid dreaming isn’t always easy. It can come as a challenge to some, while for others, it can be manifested rather easily.

Some people have a hard time recalling their dreams in the first place. This can be frustrating when they desperately want to remember and transform their nightmares immediately. Other people have such an easy time remembering they are dreaming when they are in a dream that they can confront the “bad guys” in their dreams and eradicate their nightmares instantly!

Often lucid dreaming calls for a change in belief. Did you know that lucid dreaming is something each and every one of us are capable of? We all have the power to control what we dream about and can easily transform our dreaming experience. So, if we can, why are we wasting a potentially great night’s sleep with a poor and interrupted one?

For many people, it helps to become as educated with lucidity as possible. Vanilla Sky is a great movie to watch, as well as Inception. Learn about lucid dreaming with the mindset that you can accomplish this mind control trick, and it’s not difficult to do.

It takes some time, trial and error and exploring the quality of your sleep and your active imagination before “nailing it”. Lucid dreaming and the art of being aware you are dreaming is a fun exercise to participate in, so enjoy!

Even if you suffer from chronic nightmares, being brave enough to confront the monsters, demons and predators in your dream will have surprising consequences. For example, you can act out your biggest fantasies on them such as telling them exactly what you think of them, flying up in the air at a superhero speed to escape or amazing your consciousness with a fine tuned ability to become invisible. Remember, you are within your own imagination when you lucid dream, so anything is possible.

Since anything is possible, it can help before you fall asleep and dream to think about your wildest fantasies. What have you always wanted to do in real life but considered impossible? Whatever that thing is, act it out in your dreams. Practice telling yourself what you will do the next time you are confronted with a scary image in your dreams.

Tell your consciousness what you will do the next time you feel frightened or panicked. Act with intention and repeat your new mantra: I will fight back in my nightmares. I will remember that these dreams aren’t real, and that I am in fact, dreaming. Watch your lucidity be immediately transformed.

It is widely believed that Lucid Dreaming allow you to access realms of energies that are not available to you in wakeful life. Anyone can have a Lucid Dreaming, but it is important to keep in mind that the degree to which the dreamer controls the dream varies from person to person.
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