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How to Use Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

March 24, 2011 on 7:06 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Binaural beats have been known to be a very effective tool to aid with lucid dreaming. In order for you to be successful in experiencing conscious dreams there are a few steps you will need to follow.

The five techniques listed below have proven to be extremely effective in achieving lucid dreams.

1. Before you begin spend a week noticing one thing in your environment. For example a favourite pair of shoes. Take note of every detail of your shoes. Focus on those shoes as well as all the shoes around you for an entire week.

2. Before you know it you will be dreaming about shoes. However you will likely notice that the shoes in your dream look different from your favourite pair of shoes. The fact that your shoes look different will alert you to the fact that you are dreaming.

3. Next when you are awake and each time you see your favourite pair of shoes clap your hands. Do this every single time you see your shoes. This trains your brain to know what the next action is after you see your shoes. In this way you are premeditating what will happen in your dream when you see your shoes.

4. Before you try to lucid dream, decide what you want to dream about and what you want to experience. This is a very important step. If you train your brain while you are awake, such as with the shoes and the clapping of your hands these will be your cues for taking over your dream in a semi-conscious state.

5. Once you have obtained a good quality binaural brainwave audio listen to it when you first wake up in the morning when you are still half asleep. Make sure the lights are off and the room is quiet and you use a pair of headphones.

Using the Binaural Beats

Some people have been able to experience lucid dreaming without using any external stimulus. However brainwave audios such as binaural beats have proven to work and to work quickly.

The reason most people fail is because their brain frequencies slip into the Delta state and their dream ends. By listening to a good quality brainwave entrainment audio you can help your brain to tune into the exact frequency necessary to experience lucid dreams.

By following the steps above you can achieve conscious dreaming in a very short period of time and experience all of the benefits that go along with it.

For more information on lucid dreaming and the different types of brainwave audios visit www.BinauralBeatsOnline.com where you’ll find much more detail on where to find quality lucid dreaming binaural beats.
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