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Is Lucid Dreaming Hard to Do?

March 16, 2013 on 7:54 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Before we find out is lucid dreaming hard to do it’s important to understand what lucid dreaming is.

Most people have had lucid dreams at least once or twice in their lives, they are those dreams where you know you’re dreaming, and can or cannot wake up from. In other words, the dream is real enough that you’re not sure whether your awake or whether you’re dreaming. Often, as you become adept at recognizing these dreams, you can increase their level of frequency.

The difference between enjoying a lucid dream and not enjoying it, is having control over the dream itself. In other words, a lucid dream can be a nightmare, but in real lucid dreaming states, you can actually change the dream and get out of the nightmare.

Many of those who work with those who want to have lucid dreams suggest that you keep a journal. This is to help you remember you’re dreaming state, and allow you to begin to control it.

Another thing they mention is that you should start jotting down those parts of the dream that escape reality. Meaning, those parts of the dream that are not a part of real life. Often, in a lucid dream the dreamer has special attributes, flying, seeing through walls, etc.

As you journalize your dreams, start making notes about those special attributes that you have during your dream. This is often going to be one of the first clues that you are actually dreaming, and not having a real life experience. From there it’s a matter of increasing your lucidity during your dreams.

It’s not difficult to get a handle on lucid dreaming, most people have lucid dreams at one point or another. If you’d like to increase your dreaming state, begin to enjoy your dreaming state more, then you need to begin to control your lucid dreams.

Original Author: Trevor Johnson Full Bio
Find out that lucid dreaming is easy with these simple lucid dreaming tips.

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