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Learning Lucid Dreaming – 5 Secrets to Complete Dream Control Revealed

March 9, 2011 on 12:47 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

You can control your dreams! All you need to do for total dream control is to learn lucid dreaming. The ability to control dreams is very beneficial. You can get rid of phobias, nightmares, and anxieties; make your wishes come true; meet exciting people; fly; or do anything you wish in your dreams.

How do you learn dream control?

1. Dream Recall

You begin with dream recall. Everybody has many dreams every night. But they hardly remember any of them; and if they do, they remember only a small portion of these dreams.

Dreams occur in cycles of ninety minutes. Every ninety minutes, people enter into the REM stage of sleep, which is ideal for dreaming. So, every ninety minutes, you have a dream, and if you want to learn lucid dreaming, you must remember each of these dreams.

2. Dream Journal

To sharpen your ability to recall your dreams, keep a dream journal. Set an alarm clock to wake you up every ninety minutes and jot down anything that you can remember of your dreams. Thus, you can “catch” your dreams when the memories are fresh.

You don’t have to maintain a dream diary forever. Make entries into your notebook till you have reached the ability to remember at least five of your dreams.

3. Make A Special Note Of Unusual Things

In a lucid dream, you might do things that you cannot normally do in real life. Make a special note of them in your dream diary. The next time you dream of them, you will immediately become aware that you are dreaming, and then you will find it easier to control your dream. Writing down the unusual happenings in your dream can not only help you to identify them next time you dream of them, but also to control them.

4. Take Your Time

Dream control is tough; but at the same time, it is interesting. How fast you achieve your goals depends on how serious you are about your endeavors. Do not rate yourself on the basis of another’s performance. We are all unique, and each of us will obtain different results. Someone might get a lucid dream before you do; this doesn’t mean that you will never get a lucid dream.

5. Learn Dream Control

The minute you become aware that you are dreaming, start learning dream control. At first, do simple things such as changing the color of some object. Soon you will find yourself able to do more complex things in your dream, such as flying or visiting foreign lands.

Controlling your dreams is not difficult, but learning to control them might be very difficult. Try hard! Don’t give up for any reason. Soon you will find yourself dreaming exactly what you want to dream about. The ability to do whatever you wish in your dreams gives you a sense of exhilaration and power. Enjoy it!

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