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Live Lucid, Life is a Dream

April 30, 2013 on 5:01 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

If you are like many people you have had a dream before. By dream, I don’t mean the vision you hold for your life. I am not referring to the desire in your heart about a preferred future. The dreams I am referring to, are literal dreams: the pictures, images, ideas and the series of events that occur in your mind during sleep.

The experience of many people has been that during a dream, they are usually, not consciously aware of the fact that they are dreaming. In the dream environment, everything seems real. The people, the places and all circumstances in a dream appear real to the dreamer. He or she is convinced of their reality. It is only when the dreamer awakens that he or she realizes the fact that it was all a dream.

Of course, there are Lucid Dreams in which the dreamer is fully aware of the fact that he or she is dreaming. Because of this awareness, the dreamer can consciously choose to become adventurous in the dream; actively participate and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreaming therefore enables the dreamer to explore the dream world and the dream characters without fear because he or she knows it is just a dream. If you knew you where dreaming, there would be no need to fear. But aside from Lucid Dreams, people are usually not consciously aware that they are dreaming. In the dream of life, this is where the problem begins.

Life is a dream and it is very important that we recognize it as such. This knowledge would change the way we, as individuals live. The multiplier effect has the potential to revolutionize our society. However, it is very difficult for people to recognize that life is a dream because of the “reality of life”. Life seems very real and dense to the existent that referring to it as a dream is sure to attract scorn from many. That is understood, but that does not disqualify the idea from being true.

It is sad that many people come to the realization of how much of a dream life is, at the end of their lives. Those that have been at the bed of a dying man will attest to this. Mostly people coming to the end of their lives regret about the things that they did not do more that the things they did. Many lament about the opportunities they did not take; the chances they let go. They mourn about the life that could have been. Why? It is because they finally realize how much of a dream life really is. Many never get a change to live again. At least, not in this life as we know it.

Life is a dream. The most empowering way of living it is by taking it as such. It is by being Lucid in the dream of life that we can get the most from this wonderful adventure. Know life for the dream that it is, and then you will not have to fear again. Fear is the manifestation of this ignorance. It will cause you to resign to the status quo. With fear you will not attempt to actively participate in life. You will be tossed to a fro with every wind of circumstance. Such is not a good life to live.

Not being aware that you are dreaming weakens you. Doesn’t it puzzle you that even in your dreams; you are sometimes gripped with fear when confronted with a fearful situation? Just like Lucid Dreaming can take away fear and bring more fun in your night dreams, lucid living brings adventure in your life.

Live lucid. Be conscious of the nature of life. Do not be limited by your fears. They are imaginary. Seek expansion. Your dream characters are not things being imposed on you. They are things occurring within your own consciousness by virtual of the person you have become. Grow. Seek awareness. Everything in your life and in your dream is up to you.

Original Author: Christopher Kabamba Full Bio
Christopher Kabamba is an IT professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. He is a student of personal growth and development. He desires to take up a professional career as an Author, Public Speaker and Life Coach. He documents some of his thoughts on Personal Growth and Development on his blog: http://kabamba.wordpress.com

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