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Lucid Dream Software – The Most Effective (And Free!) on the Planet

September 24, 2013 on 7:16 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

There’s a lot of lucid dream software available, but most of it doesn’t work. It turns out that the most effective lucid dream software is a simple lucid dream timer which you can get for free on the internet. You can use this free lucid dream timer to have out of body experiences and astral project too!

So how does a timer help you to lucid dream? The secret is that by waking up and falling asleep over and over without moving, you eventually enter what’s called “waking sleep paralysis”.

Waking sleep paralysis is where your body temporarily disconnects your voluntary muscle system from your mind in order to allow you to have very active dreams without the danger that you may move and wake yourself up.

By using the timer that beeps every few minutes, when you wake up and fall asleep over and over your body eventually becomes confused about what’s going on. After about 4 or 5 cycles you’ll end up in what’s called “mind awake/body asleep” which is another term for sleep paralysis.

When this happens it feels like a heavy lead blanket has been laid on you because it suddenly takes more nerve energy to get the same muscle movement.

This also automatically puts you in a theta brain state which sends you directly into a subconscious focus. This allows you to have out of body experiences even without using any visualizations!

You can find free OBE timers on the internet just by searching Google for “lucid dream timer”.

The best is an Adobe Flash timer which you can open on your laptop. It allows you to customize exactly how often it should beep. For instance, the most common OBE timer interval is called the “ramp timer setup” and goes like this:

8 minutes
4 minutes
8 minutes
12 minutes
16 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes
6 minutes
6 minutes
6 minutes

Usually when you use that timer setup you’ll end up becoming spontaneously lucid in the middle of the 20 minutes intervals. You’re also very likely to have waking sleep paralysis and out of body experiences during the repeated tail-end 6 minute intervals.

You can also use a digital cooking timer which you hold in your hand. This is what I used when I first start out and it works just fine. However you have to be able to reset the cooking timer with your thumb without looking at it. This is because if you move to reset the timer you’ll ruin your sleep paralysis and have to start all over again.

So there’s no need to spend lots of money on expensive lucid dream software, just download a free lucid dream timer and use it to start having lots and lots of OBEs and lucid dreams tonight!

Original Author: Nick Newport Full Bio
Want to lucid dream tonight? Check out the free guide I wrote: “How To Trick Your Body Into Falling Asleep To Have Lots of Amazing Lucid Dreams. Just click the link to download it free and get the free lucid dream software and free lucid dream timer. In it you’ll get:

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