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Lucid Dreaming: A Clear Know-How

January 22, 2011 on 3:21 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Lucid dreaming is similar to conscious dreams. When you know about the dreams and dream in a aware state of mind, it is named as lucid dream. You are fully aware of what you are dreaming about. How much of the dream is lucid depends on how sound the dream is, how much of the dream is under your control and how much of the dream you can retrieve when you wake up. The most phenomenal prospect of lucid dreams is your experience during dreaming. It would seem that you are able to ascertain your dream in the same fashion as a film director directs the actions in the film in the most creative way.

To know intimately what lucid dreaming is all about, suppose that your dream would appear and feel like realism, you may be in control of several or all of your senses. The only deviation is that you will be aware that nothing can hurt you. In lucid dreams, you can dream about stressed states of affairs in which you may participate and set your own regulations and activities without limitation. In effect, lucid dreaming is more fictive than virtual reality that we see in modern computer conceptions.

Most of us see a lucid dream occasionally. We wake up invigorated and happy.  As everything is achievable with your dreams, you can meet your long lost acquaintances or relatives. To repeat the experience, check if you can try dream control so that you can have lucid dreams whenever you want. Envisage what it would be like meeting your admired celebrities, be an active player in a dare devil adventure or producing a fantasy world to your liking.

It is great to have lucid dreams at regular time intervals. It keeps an individual happy and content. People try their best to attain it but in vain. Is there then an easy way to have a lucid dream? There is a school of thought which advises that eating some chosen food like cheese, orange juice, ice cream, popcorn, fish etc., before sleeping induces lucid dreaming. However, in this method sleep may get troubled and certain foods are barely good for weight control and there can be other side effects of eating fatty foods.

Lucid dreaming can be caused if the method of monitoring of the eyes is done with masks and eyeshade. There are some other methods also. When Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleep initiates, a red diode begins blinking. The REM detector with the red light becomes a component of the individual’s dream. It signals the person that he/she is in control of the dream. The person can get into the lucid dreaming phase. Another device utilizes sound technology to cause lucid dreams. In this process, sounds of two distinct frequencies are played in each ear. This procedure goes by the name of binaural beats. It is said that listening to these sounds helps the brain to attain REM sleep and then to lucid dreaming.

Have you ever had dreams where it seemed like you were orchestrating how the dreams went and felt like you could actually control them? Lucid dreams allow you to semi-consciously determine who is in the dream and what they are saying, sometimes, backing the dream up to change lines as you go. Lucid dreams let you control the outcome of the dream to fit the story you want. Visit http://www.luciddreaminginfo.com/ or click on Lucid Dreaming
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